A Shopper’s Guide to Buying Leggings

Posted February 9, 2023 by in Shopping

After settling on your workout routine, your next decision should be your outfit for the gym. Leggings are important apparel for your gym. The current global obsession with this outfit breaks its use limitation and extends its usefulness to other fancier functions depending on your styling.

Whether you are wearing your leggings to the gym or other events, the right fitting is important as it can impact your confidence or performance. With many options available in different shops, you may be uncertain if you are settling on the right pair.

At LUXELADYFIT, we guide you in buying your leggings.

Check The Length Of Your Sport Clothing

Length is an important consideration when buying leggings. However, depending on your physique, you may experience challenges finding a flattering length for your pair of leggings, which is why you should understand the different length styles, including:

  • Full-length leggings stretch to the bottom of your legs.
  • 7/8 length leggings, which are below the calf but above the ankle
  • Capri-length leggings extend slightly below the knee, giving more coverage than shorts.

For accurate results, you should measure your waist, hips, thighs, and inseam to get an idea of your ideal size. If, for instance, you find that one of your thighs is bigger than the other, select your sports clothes in the bigger size to be safe.

Check Your Sport Clothes Fabric

The fabric you choose for your sports clothes depends on your needs and goals. If you want comfort, consider cotton leggings. Alternatively, you can buy synthetics like polyester, spandex, and nylon. Synthetics have better retention, and their moisture-wicking property will keep you dry.

The fabric you pick should stretch, especially for sporting activities. Stretching can be two-way or four-way. A four-way stretch fabric, stretching lengthwise and crosswise, is ideal as it will give you freedom of movement.

Check The Right Size Sport Clothes

The ideal way to know you got the right leggings is to understand poorly fitting legging characteristics. If you can see skin through your legging when you bend or squat, it is too tight, and you should consider a bigger size or fabric.  

As a legging wearer, your second nightmare should be the cameltoe, which also defines a poorly fitting legging. The discomfort in camel toe popping leggings is worse where the leggings are part of your sport clothes, such that you wear them with a trainer bra or short vest. Overstretching your legging in such a case will create a cameltoe. On the other hand, if too much fabric pulls around the crotch area, your leggings are too loose, and you should settle for a smaller size.

If unsure of the size to buy, especially with the online purchase, consider using the international size chart for your correct size leggings. Most brands will have this chart on their website or the product page.

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Style and function are achievable when it comes to leggings. By embracing the above size and fabric tips in your next shopping, you can be confident that you will get a legging that meets your needs.

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