A Simple Gift Buying Strategy for this Christmas

Posted November 23, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Buying gifts for everyone at Christmas isn’t easy. It’s great when that magic inspiration pops into your head, but if it doesn’t, then it can be quite challenging to get all your Christmas shopping done. 

In these situations, it’s great to have a gift buying strategy to help you get everything sorted before the mad rush begins. With a little planning, and by following these tips, you can come up with a strategy that’s going to help you buy the perfect gifts:

Set a Budget

It’s great to be able to buy your loved ones amazing gifts, but you shouldn’t be straining your finances to do so. A gift is about the thought, not the value, so it’s always good to know how much you are willing to spend. 

If you’ve got lots of people to buy gifts for, then break your budget down, and have a good idea of how much you have to spend on each person. You’ve got to live with your finances year-round, so don’t over-strain them just for the sake of a gift. 

Ask People What They Want 

It might not be quite as exciting as someone opening up a gift with no idea what it might be, but it is practical. If you ask someone what they want, then you know you’re getting them something they’re going to enjoy and use. 

Sometimes we have a tendency to over think gift giving when the easiest option is simply to ask someone what they want. You can always add some excitement by getting the gift personalised like these personalised gifts for grandparents

Pool Money 

Rather than everyone getting someone a small individual gift, it’s sometimes beneficial to work together to get them one more expensive gift. Pooling your money with others gives you lots of options and can allow you to contribute to a gift that could make a significant impact in someone’s life. 

Pooling money is a great way of giving someone a more substantial gift, while allowing everyone to pay as much as they’re comfortable with. 

Secret Santa 

If you’re part of a big family, or even a big group of friends, then Secret Santa can be a great option. This way, everyone gets a gift, and you only have to worry about buying one present rather than thinking up a whole host of different ideas. 

With Secret Santa, you can set the parameters for gift buying such as a maximum price that makes thinking up ideas much easier. It’s also a lot of fun trying to figure out who your Secret Santa is, so it adds a little extra entertainment to the whole thing. 


Don’t limit your ideas to just presents. Experiences can make a brilliant gift too and there are so many options to choose from. The best thing about gifting someone an experience is that it lasts forever. 

While a present might be remembered for a short period of time, you have the ability to gift someone an experience they’ll never forget. It’s another way to give someone something a little bit different and gives you more options when you’re in the planning phase.