About Half Racks and Other Types of Home Gym Equipment

Posted September 29, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
Woman doing a squat with weights

In the past years, lots of fitness enthusiasts are joining the weight lifting groups because of the benefits that they can get. Many gym users have seen many people who are incorporating weights into their daily routines, and the demand for half racks has surged recently.

More people at home wanted to become fit, so it’s common for them to build their gym and get their own pieces of equipment. If you are one of the bodybuilders who want to continue doing your exercise regimes, then the next thing that you need to do is to choose the type of frame that is ideal for your needs. However, if you’re just a casual guy starting out, then you should start looking for the right supplements like sarms to help you cope with an arduous workout regimen.

Which Racks are Right for Your Needs?

There are several types of supports or frames that you can choose from. You can view some of them on this guide for you to get an idea of what they look like. Each variety can benefit you in a different way than the others.

You can perform core exercises in most of them like the presses and barbell squats, but the differences can depend on the accessories that come with the frames.

Squat Stands

The squat stands will give you the minimum amount of support that you need while still fulfilling its role as a rack. Most of these stands are lightweight and portable. You can move the arms on both sides in an up and down fashion to adjust the height.

This makes the user adjust and simplify his experience when exercising. These are the most affordable ones often available in many shops.

Half Racks

This is the first traditionally recognized frame that has a lot of features. It has some safety and overhead bars plus band attachments. They are adjustable and are offering support. Most half racks will not have the look of an enclosed cage, and they come with only a single set of uprights that you won’t see in a full power rack.

This type provides you with more freedom in lifting. The front columns have up and down increments that allow you to safely put the safety bars and J-hooks. The seemingly “open front” makes it a piece of excellent equipment for split jerks, overhead lifts, and squats.

Because of the horizontal connections and vertical supports, the standard half racks will support either an experienced lifter or a novice one. With this said, if you dump a very heavy barbell on the safety arms, this may cause the racks to move, so it’s best to avoid this. You can know more about barbells in this link here: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/a33586857/how-much-does-a-barbell-weigh/.

These varieties often come with weight bars and plate storages around the backs. This way, you won’t have to buy other weight plate trees or toasters for your home gym equipment. Just make sure everything is properly placed, and you’re using the best folding squat rack out there. 


This may look intimidating for novices at first, but cages serve the same purposes as their half counterparts. The power or full racks have more stability, and they are safer because of their caged design. 

The columns are located at the band and the front, there’s support on the top and bottom horizontal bars, and it can handle heavier barbells. This will mean that any barbell that you put on to this will have a lesser chance of escaping to the floor of your home gym.

On the other hand, a full power rack will take up some space on your floor because it’s massive. You may want to call a designer that can help you arrange the equipment inside your home.

The dual-upright layouts that are the usual designs of the cage mean that two people can exercise simultaneously. One at the outside, and the other is inside the rack. Generally, many types of equipment will not come with more than enough safety bars and J-Hooks to let two people exercise at the same time, but this can be remedied by buying from legitimate shops.

Some of the things that you need to consider include the additional pull-up bar options and weight plate storages to get more benefits from a power rack.

It would be best if you also had something made from high-quality steel, and they should have many increments for more accessory placements and precision exercises.


These are great if you are looking for hybrid options. These pieces are often heavy-duty and stable, which are some of the features that you should be looking for. However, they lack the overhead bars that are present in complete cages.

Most users will be able to perform overhead movements that they can’t do in a traditional cage with hybrid varieties.

Functional Rigs

Most of the gym floors have functional rigs, which are cross-training areas that don’t take a lot of space. These allow the athletes to perform a series of movements, exercises, and routines when they do not use the equipment as a rack.

Most group-focused gyms and training facilities favor this system because many users can be accommodated at the same time, but there’s little space that was occupied inside the area.

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