Add an Extra Layer of Texture, Detail and Whimsy With These Fashion Accessories

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Do you feel that even though you’ve invested time and money into building your outfits, they still lack style? Even if your look contains all the necessary components, there is still something missing. Perhaps you have even bought a new pair of trendy heels, but you still don’t know why your outfit looks incomplete. The limited availability of fashion accessories in your wardrobe could be why you feel this way. 

Why Are Accessories Important?

Are you familiar with the three-piece rule? It’s about adding a third item to complete an outfit and take it from meh to wow. Take a look at your favourite blogger or celebrity. If you analyse their outfits, you’ll notice that one essential element makes them look better. A scarf, a pair of glasses, a bag, a piece of jewellery – you name it. These are the pieces that make their outfit look put together. 

I’m aware that these items can be expensive and hurt the pocket. But if you plan your spending, shop wisely, and take good care of them, they’ll be excellent investments that last a long time.

From pieces to pair with your everyday outfits to the statement bling for a night out, here are some accessories that will get you ready for any occasion.  

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Statement Jewellery 

Resin Bangles

Resin jewellery has come to stay and there are many designs available to choose from. One piece of resin jewellery you should consider adding to your collection is a resin bangle. 

Wearing a piece of unique jewellery is one of the best ways to make a look stand out. Today’s market offers a diverse selection of designer resin bangles with distinctive designs and features. It means you’re sure to find a resin bangle that can add a fresh and distinct touch to improve any outfit you’re attempting to elevate.

Layering bangles can make your look even more interesting, but mastering this technique without unintentionally detracting attention from the rest of your outfit takes time and effort. The key is to pick a variety of bangles that blend well enough to give the impression of one cohesive accessory. Begin by emphasising one favourite bangle as the main piece and adding layers to highlight and accessorise it.

After choosing a statement bracelet, you can stack bangles by colour, size, material, and style. Spend time in front of the mirror mixing, matching, and playing with different bracelet styles to create the perfect look before you leave the house.

Diamond Earrings 

Earrings are attractive accessories that draw attention to your face and glam up your appearance. For an elegant, traditional look that still adds some drama, look for diamond earrings in vibrant hues and designs that complement your outfit. A pair of elegant diamond or gemstone earrings will complement your outfit perfectly for a formal party or dinner. 

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are straightforward accessories that are crucial for embracing your feminine side. Plus, they can give a strong, vibrant, and elegant touch to any outfit. Sometimes, you won’t need to wear any other accessories. Choose the size, style, and material (silver, gold, resin) that best suits your personal preferences. 

Matching Rings

The purpose of rings is to enhance the beauty of your hands. They can be made of gemstones or precious metals such as gold, platinum, diamonds, or silver. To complete your style, match the colour of your rings to the material of the other accessories and your outfit. Choose the ring that best fits you, creates a tight ensemble, and rounds off your look.

A Nice Handbag

High-quality leather handbags are a necessity for any woman’s closet. Because a bag has space for everything we need for our daily lives, we never leave the house without it. 

A conventional designer shoulder bag is the best form and style for a busy lifestyle, though you should ideally have three different sizes and kinds of bags available in your closet. Whatever style you decide on, it’s a good idea to spend more money on quality to ensure that this wardrobe essential will endure for many years.

A Classic Belt

In addition to completing an outfit, a belt can also be used to define your waist and make it appear smaller when wearing long sweaters or loose tops. You can pick a belt that complements your look, such as one with studs for an edgy appearance or one with gemstones for a bit of glitz.

A versatile option you may want to consider is an elastic belt, as it can be worn higher up or lower down. When it comes to colours, choosing a classic black or brown belt will allow you to combine them with a variety of outfits.

A Stylish Hat

Making a statement is at the heart of fashion, and no accessory can do it quite like an ultra-stylish hat. Every fashionable woman has a hat in their wardrobe. Whether it’s dramatic or casual, the hat you wear can make a strong statement about who you are and help you stand out from the crowd. To highlight your fashionable headgear, keep your jewellery minimal and your outfit’s silhouette straightforward.

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A Pair of Designer Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can be the final element in your ensemble that you’re lacking. These pieces of accessories can instantly transform your appearance, giving it charm and character. 

A timeless pair of Wayfarers is a smart investment that will last you for many years, although sunglasses trends change quickly. For a more stylish appearance, try a pair of thick-rimmed tortoiseshell sunglasses; they are a must-have in any fashionista’s collection and will make any outfit look better.

A Silk Scarf

A nice scarf can do a lot for your outfit. It’s a timeless, fashionable accessory that matches a range of styles. You can accessorise your bags, wear a square-shaped silk scarf as a hair decoration, or tie one around your neck. They are also small enough to fit in your trip luggage, giving you the flexibility to put together several styles with only one item of clothing.

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