Adulting 101: What’s Your Career Motivation?

Posted April 2, 2020 by in Career

Do you work to live, or do you live to work?

This is one of the most quintessential dilemmas of humanity because there is no right or wrong answer. The bottom line is that most professionals have an overarching objective that drives their career. As much as we want to find a job that makes us feel happy and useful, we also want to do more with our lives than following the typical 9 to 5 routine.

So how does that translate into your career motivation

You Crave Recognition

For a lot of people, your career acts as a tool for social approval. Feeling useful is one thing, but knowing that your skills are recognized and appreciated by your peers is another. A career built on the need for recognition is likely to take you through a variety of roles and companies until you find the place you belong to.

Therefore, if you want to be remembered in business history for your unique skill set, you need to master the complex art of resume writing. Writing a resume that conveys confidence, expertise, and self-assurance is not easy. But a career-focused individual knows the tips and tools that can get their application all the attention it deserves. 

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You Have a Dream House

One day, you will live in a great, big house with a fireplace. You’ve been dreaming of such a place since you were a child. As such, your career serves as the income-generator that will make your dream come true. Whether you choose to survey the real estate market regularly to find your dream property or to reach out to renowned architecture companies to have it designed, it’s up to you.

You build your career on the wages criteria, making sure you can get the next promotion as quickly as possible. While it’s going to be hard work, you find pleasure in buying the things you love. 

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You Want to Retire Early

The only reason why you’ve started working young is that you want to stop working young too. Early retirement is a common goal for professionals who wish to enjoy life to the fullest. As such, they are willing to discipline themselves and create a saving and investing strategy that will support their needs in the future.

Early retirement is all about frugal living and savvy spending, but it gives you plenty of spare time. For more information on how to retire early make sure to visit Greenery Financial.

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You Want Freedom

Working doesn’t scare you. However, you don’t like the idea of being stuck in the office all day long. You have itchy feet, and you don’t like the idea of living all your life in one place. Starting a career as a digital nomad can be challenging. However, creative self-marketers are quick to make it work.

Who doesn’t want to set their home office on a sandy beach in Indonesia or a villa on the French Riviera? As a digital nomad, you’re always changing locations and keeping your eyes open for digital opportunities. 

Freedom, plenty of spare time, the house of your dream, or the respect and admiration of your peers? While we all need to make a living, understanding what pushes you to get a job can help you to build a career that makes you happy. 

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Do you work to live, or do you live to work? It’s time to turn the question on its head: You work so you can live as you WANT. 

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