Advice from Top Female Leaders for Every Woman Entrepreneur

Posted April 29, 2019 by in Career

When all signs point to yes, you should be an entrepreneur, what comes next? Making sure your business succeeds, right? Well, if you can make it, great. But saying so and actually doing it are two different things. If all it takes is the will to succeed, then how come the failure rate for US companies after 5 years is over 50%

To make it as a woman entrepreneur, you have to know how others did it. Here, we’ll talk about some inspiring female entrepreneurs and their advice for launching and running a business:

Katherine Power, Co-Founder/CEO of Clique Brands

With a $28-million business, a Target clothing line, and 25 million fans, you could say Katherine Power is the very definition of female success. 

For Katherine, it’s all about learning along the way.

From 2006 to 2012, she and co-founder Hillary Kerr bootstrapped the company. They kept everything lean and used their profits to grow the business. In 2014, Power officially became CEO. And in 2016, she was part of Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list, an annual ranking of the most influential young entrepreneurs. 

Miko Branch, Co-Founder/CEO of Miss Jessie’s

Miko and her late sister, Titi developed a line of hair care products for women of color who want to wear their hair naturally. As you know, black women have real hair struggles that make “wake up and go” a non-option.

What the Branch sisters did was entrepreneurship 101. They saw a problem and found a way to solve it.

Now, this is something all budding entrepreneurs can keep in mind. But Miko also has this advice for women who want to start a business. “If you feel you have a wonderful idea, have the courage to go after it.”

Jenny Eu, Founder of Three Trees

Inspiring entrepreneurs like Jenny Eu also have people they look up to. For Jenny, it was her father and grandmother who inspired her to start her own business. In an interview, she said her father built a business where employees and business partners were treated like family.

From her grandmother, she learned all about natural, plant-based foods (Three Trees sells nut milks from almonds, pistachios, and black sesame nuts).

Aside from finding people who’ll inspire you in your entrepreneurship journey, Eu says you have to combine passion with perseverance. When you’re passionate about something, you’re willing to do the work to nurture it. And that is what will sustain you when you’re facing obstacles in your business.

Ready to be a Woman Entrepreneur? 

Launching and running a business as a woman entrepreneur isn’t always easy. But you can learn from those who made it. 

Beyond being inspired by successful female entrepreneurs, you should also commit to expanding your business know-how. Network with other entrepreneurs, explore tools like the best CRM for small business and keep up to date with the latest news in your industry. 

Remember, overnight successes are rare. You have to understand the risks of starting a business and you have to do what it takes to avoid becoming another statistic

Want More Career and Business Advice?

As a woman entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as too much business advice. Even long-time business owners seek to learn more so they can continue to grow their companies. 

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