Advice on Supporting a Partner With an Injury

Posted December 10, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

It can be hard to see your partner in pain from an injury, especially if is a serious injury that will change their life. Injuries can take their toll in many ways, including pain, stress and anxiety, rehabilitation and having to make changes to life. As a partner, you want and need to do what you can to support your partner when they are injured, but its sometimes difficult to know how to help and not simply annoy. You cannot magically make everything better for them, but there are many ways to support them that will be useful, and hopefully help with their recovery.

Attend Appointments & Ask Questions

A great way to support your partner is to attend any appointments that they have (if they’re happy with that of course). This is in terms of providing moral support, but also so that you can get a clear understanding of what the situation is and what the recovery options are. You should also think of questions to ask the doctor that would be helpful. Often, an injured person will not think of questions because they might be worried or simply do not want to know the answers.

Handle Practicalities

When your partner is injured, it is likely that their day-to-day will change. You should handle the practicalities and pick up the slack without drawing attention to the extra work, so that they do not feel bad. This could include things like doing the housework admin or going food shopping without being asked. 

Be There For Support

One of the hardest aspects of being injured is the mood swings and emotions that can be involved, especially in a long-term and life-changing injury. People can experience grief, depression, anxiety and anger all in quick succession, so this is something that you need to prepare yourself for. As a partner, you should offer unconditional support and always be there for them when they need it. They may snap at you at times, but you need to take this in your stride and understand the position that they are in.

Speak To A Personal Injury Lawyer

You might also want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater. If the accident was the fault of another person or organization, then your loved one could be entitled to compensation, which could be a significant amount. Your partner may not want the stress of taking legal action, so you could start the process on their behalf to see if it is worth pursuing a claim. If an injury lawyer recommends that you take action, they can then do all of the hard work for you and your partner. They can seek the maximum compensation, which would at least make sure that your family does not suffer financially as a result of the accident.

It can be hard to know what to do when your partner suffers an injury, and it can be an upsetting time for all. These are a few of the best things that you can do to support your partner during this time. 

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