Affordable Hair Care to Get You Through Winter

Posted October 15, 2019 by in Beauty
Affordable Hair Care to Get You Through Winter

When looking into hair care, it can be daunting when you see the prices of some of the products available. But with shampoos that promise the world and don’t always deliver, common issues such as hair loss can go untreated until it is a more severe case. Though there is the option of a hair transplant in turkey to help combat this, it can be prevented beforehand by ensuring your hair is looked after when the weather begins to change.

In this article, we will be giving you an insight into how you can protect your hair in the winter without spending a small fortune:

Use A Dryer Sheet to Get Rid of Static 

When Wearing jumpers and other knitwear in the winter, a dryer sheet is your new best friend. This can be put onto your hairbrush and run through the hair to keep it looking smooth and not feeling static all day. One can also be stored in your bag to give you control over your hair throughout the busy workday. Whether this is in a travel-sized brush or just as a stand-alone sheet, this can all help. 

Avoid Styling with Heat 

If the weather conditions are already harsh, then it is crucial to avoid styling with heat. This will prevent further damage and will help the hair to retain moisture over time. This is important as this can help to reduce the appearance of split ends and keep the moisture in the hair. Whether you decide to tie it in a plat as it dries or you decide to throw it up in a top knot, there are a number of hairstyles that do not require you to use heat at any point in your routine. 

Ensure Your Hair Is Dry Before leaving the House

In addition to removing heat from your hair care regime, it may also be important to ensure that your hair is dry before leaving the house. This is due to cold hair expanding the hair shaft, leading to hair that is much more prone to breakage as well as the color fading significantly faster. If you are prone to leaving the house with wet hair, ensure that it is protected by tucking it under a hat or scarf to keep the hair warm and not cause split ends as a result. 

Weekly Deep Conditioning Is Key 

The harsh weather conditions can often dry out the hair, making it look limp and lifeless, but with a deep conditioning every week, you can restore the moisture in your hair leaving it soft to the touch and deeply nourished without weighing it down. Whether this is a leave-in treatment or a mask that lasts for five minutes, this can help to improve the quality of your hair over time, allowing you to leave longer between each cut. This is highly beneficial for those with longer hair as this can become damaged due to breakage when being battered by the wind. 

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can ensure your hair is healthy during the winter without spending a small fortune. Which of these options will you be choosing to get you through the changing weather conditions?