Affordably Workout in Style with V Shred

Posted August 20, 2021 by in Health + Fitness/ Shopping

2020 turned me into an athleisure fan. With nowhere to go for so long, I said adios to outfits and I welcomed matching leggings and sports bras into my life with open arms. My 2020 activities included wasting time on TikTok (anyone else?), going to the grocery store, running outside, going on fun SoCal hikes with my roommate, and practicing routines on my spin bike (I’m a spin instructor). 

And I’m not going to lie, my wardrobe is still in partial hibernation mode. While I have started doing more things—if you have a favorite LA brewery, hit me up!—Monday through Friday are still all about matching workout sets so I can seamlessly go from working at my desk to working out when I finally shut my computer for the evening.

However! Matching sports bra and legging sets that actually offer support and compression are notoriously expensive. Splurging on a set or two here and there isn’t a big deal, but if you want to have a variety of stylish options for your workout/athleisure wardrobe, it can get very pricey. But thankfully V Shred Threads is here to change the game. 

V Shred leggings and sports bra in maroon.
For anyone who wants to know, I’m wearing Overtone in my hair in Rose Gold.
V Shred workout set in maroon
These leggings will make your butt look good 😂

V Shred Threads

I was first introduced to V Shred this past spring and I fell in love. I ordered the Seamless Flex leggings and the Seamless Flex sports bra—both in maroon. I’m a US size 10 in pants and a 38DD and I ordered a large for both the sports bra and the leggings and the sizing worked out perfectly.

When my workout set first arrived, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t fit, but the material is very stretchy. While it appeared tight getting it on, once it was where it was supposed to be, I felt very held in (in a good way!). I felt like the V Shred leggings helped me maintain good posture while working at my desk and I felt they helped remind me to engage my core while working out—both on my Peloton and on my yoga mat. This was the first time I have ever worn leggings that I felt aided me in my posture…and I liked it! I work at a desk 80% of the week and maintaining good posture throughout the day is a challenge for me.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you may have already heard of V Shred in some capacity. V Shred is the world’s fastest-growing online physical transformation platform—very popular for those into weight lifting and those looking to take their fitness routine up a notch. While I haven’t lifted in a gym sense COVID-19 showed its ugly face, I do love lifting weights and these compression leggings would be perfect for it due to the posture assistance I mentioned earlier.

Blogger Amanda Raye Scozzafava wearing a V Shred workout set.

Now that you know the beginnings of V Shred, the company launching an apparel line makes complete sense! All pieces in the collection are under $100 so you can stock up without breaking the bank (and they’re sized XS – XL).

Overall Opinion on V Shred Apparel

Overall, I really liked this set and I plan on purchasing the leggings in black in the near future—anything that helps my posture needs to be in my wardrobe. ASAP! And how fun would it be to teach a spin class in their Studio Shine leggings?!

While I do like the sports bra (it’s only $35!), I find it more suitable for low-impact workouts such as spin, yoga and weight lifting—however I do have a larger bust, so I need a lot of support if I’m going to run. As a 38 DD, the L fits me well and I felt supported enough to do those above mentioned activities, however the next time I order, I think I’ll give the XL a try. Although I worry the XL will offer less support. We shall see!

My only “complaint” is the color I picked does show your sweat—which can be a pro or con depending on the person. Some love to see their sweat (it can feel rewarding), while others dislike it.

V Shred Apparel worn by curve model Amanda Raye Scozzafava of blog, Broke & Chic.
All photos were taken by Christian Siguenza. If you need to hire a photographer and you’re based in SoCal, he is your guy.

*V Shred provided their products for review, but as always, opinions are all my own.

xoxo, Amanda Raye Scozzafava