Air Travel in the New Normal—5 Tips to Stay Safe

Posted July 7, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The pandemic has been the most challenging phase for the American aviation industry. Travelers were in trouble as air travel stalled for an extended time. Even as it resumes in 2021, the new normal of flying is very different. You can expect to follow countless rules and guidelines, yet safety will be a concern for the foreseeable future. But air travel in the new normal can be less daunting than you imagine, provided you follow some simple tips.

Here are the ones to stay safe as you fly in 2021 and ahead:

Skip High-Traffic Slots

Choose the best time to fly, and the flights in the least-traffic slots are the safest. Fewer people will be around, so social distancing norms are easier to follow at the airport and onboard. You may have to stay up till late at night or wake up super early, but it is a small price to pay.

Keep an eye on the bookings when you check availability to eliminate the rush-hour possibilities.

Choose Your Airlines Wisely

When you explore flight bookings, go through the safety protocols advertised by the airlines. Several American airlines are going the extra mile with sanitization and hygiene procedures, so picking wisely makes sense. You may even seek recommendations from someone who traveled by air recently. Contact the airline personally and seek clarity before you seal the deal.

Commute in Your Own Vehicle

A simple way to avoid exposure is by using your personal vehicle for airport commutes. But Americans worry about the availability of airport parking, more for busy terminals like San Francisco airport. Fortunately, you can book your SFO parking online with only a few clicks. Drive-in, park, and rest assured about the safety of your vehicle till you return. You even have a shuttle to pick and drop you at the airport. You spend a bit and avoid the risk while saving money on expensive cabs. 

Opt for Direct Flights

Direct flights have several advantages in the current times. You skip the transit risks by reducing exposure to crowds and contact with surfaces. The convenience factor also makes these flights an apt choice. You can save up on travel time and reach your destination earlier as compared to connecting flights. Fly break-free to be safe and comfortable in the new normal.

Check-in Online

The aviation industry has made several adjustments to match the challenges of the new normal. As a passenger, you must avail the advantages of online check-in to avoid exposure pre-flight. The system lets you skip the physical check-in queues and drop off your luggage right away. Booking additional services, such as in-flight meals and porter services for the elderly, online is also a good idea.

Flight attendants on a full plane during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides following these precautionary measures while flying, you must be extra conscious about personal safety and hygiene. Wear your mask and gloves at all times and use hand sanitizers frequently and make sure you are using nitrile gloves for medical use and other medical-grade personal protective equipment, so you know you are getting the protection you need.

Again, travel only when essential and get yourself vaccinated at the earliest because you can rely on this line of defense. Sadly, 99.8% of the people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 in June of 2021 were those who opted not to get vaccinated—don’t be a statistic.