Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks

Posted May 22, 2019 by in Fashion

Summer is right around the corner, and that usually means travel and vacations. It just feels so good to kick back and not have to worry about work, school, or yard work. Even if it’s just for a long weekend. Not only does it feel good to travel and take breaks, it’s also good for you.

While a road trip may be a fun and affordable option, there are tons of affordable flights out there. For example, if you go to the desktop version on Kayak, you can explore cheap flights based off of the time you’re looking to travel as well as what airports you’re able to fly out of.

Just put in your ideal airport and the dates time-frame and you’ll see the cost of flights for all over the world. Just pick one of the cheapest flights and get some friends involved. That could be a long weekend in Atlanta, or maybe a two-week trip to Spain or Portugal. You get to set your own budget.

While we can all agree that experiencing new places is a blast, the actually travel part is usually the worst. If you have a few flights booked for the summer, or you’re considering booking one, consider one of the seven outfits below to keep you comfortable and stylish on your flight:

Comfort is everything

To make traveling less stressful, it’s extremely important you consider your comfort over anything else. While you may be tempted to wear your tallest pumps or your tightest jeans that make your butt look amazing, you may want to save that for later.

Instead of those heels, pair your Asics running shoes with your favorite leggings, tank, and jacket.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Wear a hat

Having to sit on a long flight does a number on your hair. Especially if you had to contort yourself in uncomfortable positions just to feel slightly cozy. By wearing a hat, or at least having one in your bag for when you land will ensure your plane hair looks stylish and intentional.

Not a fan of beanies? Consider wearing a baseball cap instead!

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Have sunglasses handy

My skin tends to get extremely dry when I fly, especially if the flight is more than three hours. Due to that, I rarely wear makeup when I travel. Instead, I wash my face and put on my eye cream, sunscreen, and then I put on a sleeping mask to keep my skin supple. I’m currently loving the sleeping mask from Innisfree.

When I get off the flight, I put on my favorite lipstick and put on my sunglasses. I instantly feel stylish and put together without having to worry about foundation or eye makeup.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Consider a jumpsuit

If you are doing just a short trip, you’ll mostly likely want to start doing fun things immediately after landing. Wearing a cute jumpsuit while on a flight will allow you to look super fashionable and put together without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Wear a colorful blazer

Mixing airplanes and fashion is hard. It’s so easy to feel very blah after landing. You’re dehydrated, your hair is kind of messy, and your legs are restless. To minimize the blah feeling, pair your favorite jeans with Diadora sneakers and a colorful blazer.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Use a fanny pack instead of a purse

Has your back been hurting for the past few years? I know mine has and I know it’s because I have been used to carrying around a heavy bag on one shoulder. Thank goodness the fanny pack is back in fashion! I have been traveling a lot lately and have only relied on a fanny pack for about three months; back pain gone!

Traveling with a fanny pack will free up your hands for your carry-on and it will make it easy to grab the things you need instead of constantly disrupting your neighbor.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

Bring a coat

Even if it’s summer or you’re traveling to a warm place, bring a jacket. The temperature on airplanes can be extremely unpredictable. You can also use your coat as a pillow if you didn’t pack one.

Airport Style Defined In 7 Easy Looks //

How would you define your airport style? Let us know in the comments below!