All You Need to Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

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All You Need to Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

Are you planning to put a ring on her? Well, congratulations. It must be such an exciting time for you. Maybe a little daunting because you want everything to turn out perfectly. 

Choosing and buying an engagement ring can be difficult. With so many choices, shapes, and other things to consider, it makes it even harder for you. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to buy an engagement ring, you’re in the right place. Take a look at all the factors to consider before you purchase an engagement ring for that special person: 

All You Need to Know About Buying an Engagement Ring //

  1. The Budget

The number one spot goes to budgeting. The cost of an engagement ring could vary from as high as $15,000 to as low as $1,500 or even lower. Depending on how deep your pockets run, it’s best to make a plan on how much you are willing to spend. Probably make a plan to start saving towards the budget in case the amount doesn’t add up just yet. Included in the budget are intricate details like:

● Size of carat
● Quality of stone
● Accessory add-ins like engravings
● Size of band

It’s important to note that sticking to the budget is the main purpose of drafting a plan in the first place. Temptations may arise where you want to buy a bigger diamond. Remain in your affordability bracket to avoid debts.

  1. The Four Cs

Other great factors on this engagement ring buying guide are the four Cs to stand for:

● Cut
● Carat
● Clarity 
● Colour


There are various types of cuts ranging from brilliant cuts, step cuts, and mixed cuts. They’re the element of sparkle on a diamond which is then shaped and fitted to the band of the ring.

It reflects the light, shine, or blindness of the jewel therefore, determine a great or low value of the sale.


The diamond is also measured in terms of size and weight to determine milligrams to be paid for. A good example is one carat which weighs approximately 200 milligrams, similar to a tablet.

Such a carat could cost over $1,500. Multiply that times the number of carats you want for your engagement ring.


The best engagement ring should offer a clear, flawless, and intricate look. Very tiny imperfections that appeal to the eye and adds inclusions to the diamond.

Inclusions are either white or black lines naturally formed on the diamond to add to its stylish design. The fewer the inclusions, the more expensive the diamond.


Diamonds can appear in different shades ranging from yellow, pink, brownish, and colorless. On a regular scale, the colors would be ranked from D to Z, where the more profound the color, the more value it has.

Though the colorless diamond is uncommon, other variations in the color of the diamond could cause it to be more expensive. Hence the availability of clear diamonds.

  1. The Design

There are many engagement ring options ranging from their shape to the band setting. A quick overview of the different types of shapes available include;

●  Oval – egg-shaped diamond seen to complement slim and long fingers.
● Round – a prevalent shape that offers versatility to various finger shapes and sizes.
● Princess – a manipulative shape that looks flat, pyramidal and raised to make the diamond appear larger than it’s original size.
● Emerald – the number one choice for buying an engagement ring from a clarity point of view. The large facets allow for excellent imagery.
● Asscher – artistic and quite similar to the emerald but with a square shape 
● Cushion – vintage shaped ring with a square shape but smoothed edges.
● Pear shape – also familiar to many, it has a round yet cornered hybrid look with a liking to bling and shine. Often used with thin bands.
● Marquise – if you’re looking to showcase the carat size then this is the best option.

Most of these shapes speak to an individual’s style as they go hand in hand with the shape, size, and appearance on the finger. These are only but a few shape options available.

  1. The Point of Sale

Also dependent on the budget, it’s best to know where you will be buying the ring from. This ultimate engagement ring guide gives you the options of various spots to shop for this ring including;

● Online – a great search begins on the internet. Scaping through the prices and what’s on offer. For example, the moissanite engagement rings – a fantastic spot to view the best rings on the market.
● The Gemological Institute of America – not a designated store but the best place to research on good and reliable jewelry stores and chains. For example, the National Jeweler.
● Private jewelers – common if you’re looking for a specific type of diamond. Maybe even a large sized diamond carat.
● Diamond districts and trunk shows. These are small businesses that sell and resell rings at local shops.

  1. Your Partner’s Ring Size and Preference

Understanding what is an engagement ring gives the entire base of the perfect ring. Studying your partner to know what they like or prefer to have on. While some couples choose to buy these rings together, many are still stuck on tradition.

The element of surprise, not just any surprise, something perfect and worthy. Different types of skin resonate well with various metals. The common one being platinum, there are gold options, silver, bronze, and even vintage to signature stylings.

Take time to understand what would be best for your partner and your pockets. Also, note the size of the finger to avoid additional costs to resize the band.

The Perfect Ring for That Special Person

It’s absurd to expect perfection when buying an engagement ring, but the tiny intricate details on what to look for is what’s important. For some, this might be the only time you do this, aim to make an informative choice wisely. Subscribe to our page for the latest, most exciting topics on fashion, travel, and lifestyle.