Allergies and Intolerances: 6 Tips for Adjusting Recipes to Suit Your Dietary Needs

Posted August 15, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

Do you want to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals that suit allergies and intolerances? These six easy tips will get you well on the way to diet-specific foodie freedom: 

1. Set Yourself Up To Cook

When you have allergies and intolerances, it costs a lot of money to buy convenience food for all your meals, and even more to eat out all the time. For a nutritious, yummy, economical diet, you have to get in the kitchen and cook. To succeed, you need to be ready to learn and make mistakes. However, you also need to set yourself up for success with good utensils, gadgets, and a durable non-stick cookware set

2. Embrace Alternatives

For every ingredient there is an alternative, which means you can adjust most recipes to suit any dietary need. For example, you can use half a mashed banana, a quarter of a cup of unsweetened applesauce, or a tablespoon of ground flax with three tablespoons of water to replace an egg in baking. There are also endless dairy replacements, meat replacements, and similarly-flavored or textured plant-based products, giving you an almost endless selection of ingredients. Start playing and experimenting with safe options so that you can enjoy your favorite meals, regardless of your dietary needs. 

3. Accept That Failure Is Inevitable

Around 6 in 10 Americans have experienced a cooking catastrophe, and whilst you will have some incredible successes when you cook for different dietary needs, you will most certainly have some failures. Accepting that you’re experimenting and will make mistakes is important, as it paves the way for learning and growing as a home cook. 

In the end, those disasters make you better at preparing allergy and intolerance-friendly foods, so they’re still a step in the right direction. There really is no need to cry over spilled dairy-free milk!

4. Keep It Simple 

In 2021 the global superfoods industry was worth about $152 billion dollars, and that value is set to nearly double by 2027. You probably already know how popular the industry is because it seems every vegan, allergy-friendly, healthy recipe contains about a thousand expensive ingredients you’ve never heard of. 

The good news is that allergy-friendly recipes can be simple and budget-friendly. You don’t need spirulina, activated nuts, or the latest impossible-to-pronounce superfood. Instead, stock your kitchen with the best quality ingredients you can afford and some time and patience to cook them well. 

5. Focus On It Tasting Good

While you may need to make your meals free from trigger foods, it’s important to avoid unintentionally making them free from flavor too! Focus on yummy, ripe, fresh produce, and add herbs and spices to bring out the best in everything you cook up. Even the simplest recipes can be the most delicious if you focus on flavor. 

6. Follow The Right Influencer Accounts

There are some incredible free-from influencers on all the social media platforms creating free, easy recipes to suit any diet. Influencer and businesswoman Deliciously Ella is worth over £27 million because she started sharing her own journey with illness, adjusting her diet to get well, and sharing the recipes she created for her new, healthy, thriving lifestyle. There are many more influencers just like her sharing everything they know to help people like you enjoy yummy food without compromising your health or values. 

Take the tips above, add a splash of perseverance and a generous helping of creativity, and you can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals to suit your allergies or intolerances. There’s a whole world of culinary delights ahead of you – bon appetit! 

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