Fashion & Style: Always Have These 5 Things in Your Closet

Posted March 2, 2020 by in Fashion
Woman wearing colorful top

It’s no secret that most women are, in one way or another, into fashion. And why not? It’s fun, an expression of personality, and turns every lady into an image that they want to project. While fashion in itself is fleeting and seasonal, it’s up to the woman in question to style herself to make sure she is seen in the best possible light.

In fashion, some items and pieces are classics. These things should be in every woman’s closet in order to create a fundamental look to build upon. Supplement these classics with pieces that are appropriate for work, special events, beach, and Sunday brunch, and you’ll have a formidable stash of clothes and accessories to choose from.

Here are the things that you need to have:

Always Have These 5 Things in Your Closet

A Stylish Watch

A watch is a quintessential accessory—it’s functional and stylish at the same time without trying too hard. Every girl should have at least two watches in her closet—one for formal events, another for casual occasions. When buying a watch,  look for your personal style – clean and elegant, fun and versatile, sporty yet classy. 

The watch’s movement is also important. If you can, a mechanical movement should be in the first watch – the formal events watch. For the second one, it can be quartz or smartwatch. Or even a Patek watch if that’s your style. Pro tip: Pick watches that can be styled infinitely with different straps. Classic white dial with diamonds in the case is always a great starting point.

A Versatile Belt

Every fashion magazine will tell you that having a versatile belt is a necessity in every girl’s closet. Sometimes, a belt is just what you need to spruce up an outfit. Do you want to add shape to a sundress? Add a belt. Do you want to accent your t-shirt and jeans OOTD? A belt will save you. The possibilities are endless

In picking out a versatile belt, start with the size. Small, thin ones are always on-trend, but big, oversized belts are becoming fashionable again. When it comes to color, you should have one in black, white, and a bold hue, like red or blue. Leather is always a good choice for material, but nylon and other options are great as well.

Basic Tees

By the time you’re 20, your wardrobe should have an assortment of basic tees in every color. A basic tee is a classic; pair it with any type of jeans, and you’re good to go. It’s perfect for those casual days at the beach, shopping, and even on date nights. It’s a versatile piece of clothing, one that you can style in many ways.

Have at least every color from the rainbow, plus black and white. White tees, in particular, are so understated in how it can be dressed down and up. Pair it with a blazer, and voila, you have yourself a work outfit. Pair it with short shorts, and you’re ready to go to the beach. Have a couple of white tees in your closet, preferably from different brands that fit you well. 

Sensible Jeans

Every girl needs a pair of sensible jeans. Or two. Or three. You get the idea. You can never have too much of a great pair of jeans! Make sure they’re not torn, or stylishly frayed for that matter. You can have those of course, but a clean, comfy, and classic-looking pair of jeans will save you from having to think if you’re under or over-dressed. 

One of the things that a great pair of jeans will give you is that they never go out of style. Like the basic tees before them, they’re a versatile piece of clothing as well! Pair it with anything – from frilly dresses to cute tops, even blazers. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to get a really well-fitting one! So once you find a brand that understands your swerves and curves, stick with them!

A Denim Jacket

Another classic item that every wardrobe should have, the denim jacket makes everything you pair it with easy and breezy. Denim never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for every climate in the world. Not sure if your look is complete yet? Add in a denim jacket and see it transform with your very eyes!

Build on these classics and find your style. There’s no shame in mixing and matching sometimes—it’s actually recommendable to do so until you find an aesthetic that properly suits you. Be open with your options. If you’re in doubt about a fad, try to at least embrace it first before deciding if it’s for you or not. Remember, fashion should be fun!