Always Tired? Here Are 5 Ways to up Your Energy Levels

Posted January 31, 2024 by in Health + Fitness
woman sitting on chair on porch

Now that a new year has begun, many of you are setting goals for the months ahead and trying to decide what you want to achieve in 2024. A great way to maintain that positive, can-do attitude is by keeping your body and mind healthy and energized.

Feeling fresh and ready to go each morning is not only good for you physically but does wonders for your mental health, too. Here are some tips on how to keep your energy levels up so you can crush your 2024 goals:

Up your energy levels


Whether you stick to water or choose other non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, tea or even coffee, keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day will make a huge difference to your energy levels.

Signs of dehydration can include feeling thirsty, headaches, chapped lips and that’s right, feeling tired. Investing in quality stainless steel tumbler can help with this. While the Stanley cup is popular, I like the more affordable Simple Modern tumblers more. 


If you have a gym membership then great, but there are other budget friendly ways to introduce a work-out into your daily routine. Going for a short run each morning is a great start to the day and can boost your energy levels just as well as a cup of coffee.

If you’re not into running, walking to work or taking the time to do it on your lunch break will be beneficial, and getting some fresh air will help to refresh your mind and body.

Eat Well

Make sure you are eating a nutritious and balanced diet. This doesn’t mean that you need to eat a salad for every meal, it simply means that you’re getting in all the right minerals and vitamins your body needs.

You can take vitamin tablets as another way to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs, and online pharmacies like Pharmacy Online can offer you budget friendly deals. Also making sure you have enough protein in your diet will improve your energy levels. 

Sleep Well

It is generally recommended that you should get eight hours sleep a night. Some people might find they need a little more or a little less than others, but getting into a good sleeping routine will help you feel much more refreshed in the morning.

Try to get into a routine where you are going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks in the later hours. Reducing or avoiding alcohol will also improve your night’s sleep. If you are someone who finds it hard to drift off, have a relaxing bath or a hot shower in the evenings to help calm your body and mind. 

Get Some Natural Light

Letting the natural daylight into your home, or even better, spending some time outside will help your energy levels and can have a positive effect on your mental health. Our skin absorbs vitamin D from the sunlight, which has great health benefits as a nutrient such as helping keep your bones and teeth strong. 

Are you ready to take on 2024? Follow these tips and you’ll be able to take on anything!