Am I an Introvert? 5 Signs You Are and How to Take Advantage

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‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ is a saying that describes a situation or team containing too many leaders, all making decisions that have a detrimental effect on the final goal. What makes a team function are the people who get on and do the tasks quickly and effectively. That is where the introvert comes in.

An introvert is a valuable tool in the workplace, and if you feel like you are one then you may be wondering how to manage it in a job market that is always searching for outgoing personalities. We help you answer the question “Am I an introvert?” below:

am I an introvert?

You Enjoy Being Alone

Everyone likes to be social, with some liking it more than others. If you find that you are comfortable in your own company and you enjoy being alone, it could be a sign you are an introvert.

Software development jobs and system administrators are great jobs for this type of personality. It allows you to work freelance on your own projects, in your own time and environment.

You Learn By Observation

An introvert will not want to expose themself to risk and make mistakes in front of others. As such, instead of getting straight in and having a go, they will often sit back and observe. 

Astronomy is one of the best jobs for introverts who like to learn by observation. In fact, most of the careers associated with this field involve watching followed by a period of analysis. 

Am I an Introvert in the Workplace?

Any job that involves a degree of autonomy and less social interaction usually attracts introverts. You may find that you are in an occupation with high degrees of contact and not enjoy it. Adversely, you could enjoy tasks you do alone and at your own pace.

This does not mean you are not a team player. It makes it likely that you are the person in the group who will get on with a given task, without questioning it.

Accountancy is a great occupation for anyone in this position. Even in a large company, you will often be left alone to work out your tasks and jobs. 

Your Friend Circle is Small

Introverts make deep, long-lasting friendships with a close number of people. They are very loyal and as people find it difficult to get to know them, they work hard to keep friends they have. 

Introverts are not always shy. It may just mean they are reserved, with quiet internal confidence. Anyone in this position should look for occupations in smaller companies and start-up businesses, where the team is a tight, micro-unit. 

Business Distracts You

Introverts like to work in quiet, focused conditions. Business and a hectic workplace can lead them to distraction and they will find it hard to concentrate. Introverts tend to get distracted more easily. 

When looking for careers for introverts, Biochemistry is an excellent choice. Laboratories are often quiet places that require concentration, so can tend to be quiet places to work. They can also provide medication to help you concentrate, such as this site.

Finding a Job

Now you have asked the question “Am I an introvert?” and found your calling, all you need to do is embark on your new career path. Remember that you are as important as all the outgoing, energetic leaders you meet on your journey. 

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