Amazing Gifts That Every Tesla Owner Will Be Happy To Receive

Posted May 21, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Interior of Tesla Model 3

Owning a Tesla is a fantastic experience. The car is fast, efficient, and stylish. However, owning a Tesla also comes with a few challenges. One of those challenges is finding gifts for the Tesla owner in your life. One thing about Tesla owners is that they tend to be early adopters and are always looking for the latest and greatest technology. This can make finding gifts for them a bit of a challenge. However, here is a compiled list of some of the unique gifts that any Tesla owner would be happy to receive:

Black Tesla in Parking Lot at Duck

Tesla Charging Adapters

The Tesla car charger is specifically designed to be used with Tesla cars. It can also be used to charge other types of electric vehicles. If you’re living in an area where there are no Tesla charging stations, you can still charge your car using a Tesla charging adapter.

 Any Tesla owner will love receiving this as a gift. There are several different adapters available, and each one does a different job. Some adapters allow you to charge your car from a standard outlet, while others allow you to plug your car into a special outlet that plugs into the wall.

TeslaCam USB Drive

This is the perfect gift for any Tesla owner who loves to record their driving experiences. The TeslaCam USB Drive allows them to quickly and easily transfer their footage to their computer or laptop. Tesla owners can also use the TeslaCam drive to use cameras surrounding their car as dashcams and upload the feeds directly to the drive. It is easy to use and does not need configuration since it comes fully programmed and ready to use. It is compatible with any Tesla Model S, Model 3, or Model X.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a must-have for any Tesla owner. They help keep the car’s interior clean and free of dirt and debris. There are many different styles and colors of floor mats to choose from, so you can find the perfect set for Tesla lovers online or in stores. Before buying floor mats, make sure to check which model they have so you can get the right size. Also, consider the color of their car when choosing floor mats. Black mats will look good in any color car, but if they have a white Tesla, you might want to get them white floor mats.


A sunshade is another essential, it helps keep the interior of the car cool and protects the dash and upholstery from fading in the sun. There are many different styles and designs of sunshades to choose from. Some sunshades even come with magnets to be easily attached to the inside of the car. Be sure to get the right size sunshade for the owner’s Tesla model.

Center Console Wrap

This is an excellent gift for those who want to protect their center console from scratches and wear. The center console wrap is a durable and protective material that will keep the center console looking new. It is easy to install and comes in many different colors and designs. Be sure to get the right size for the owner’s Tesla model.

Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a must-have, it helps them keep an eye on their tire pressure and ensure they are always inflated to the proper level. This is an excellent gift for any Tesla owner who loves to stay on top of their car’s maintenance.

Emergency Roadside Kit

Every Tesla owner should have an emergency roadside kit. This kit includes everything they need to change a tire, jump-start their car, etc. It is an excellent gift for any Tesla owner who wants to be prepared for anything.

Close-Up of Tesla Emblem

There are many great gifts that any Tesla owner would love to receive. There is something for everyone, from practical floor mats and sunshades to fun items like the TeslaCam USB drive. Be sure to get the right size and model for the Tesla owner in your life.