Amazing Pieces That Will Help You Stay Warm and Fashionable At The Same Time

Posted November 2, 2020 by in Fashion

As the season changes and you begin to feel the cold air, you are also being prompted to change your wardrobe. Dressing warm is your priority, and being trendy may be the last thing in your mind. However, staying warm without losing your sense of fashion is very much achievable. 

The important thing for your winter dress is to use layers. You can use two to three layers of clothing to keep you warm throughout the day. Layering can keep you comfortable when outdoors and regulate comfort as your activity changes, but may easily result in a bulky look. This technique is essential for surviving the cold weather, but it should not hinder you from being trendy.

Here are some amazing pieces and techniques that will help you look and feel hot!

Knitted Dress

The knitted dress can be easily paired with your favorite jeans and boots. There are many styles to use, including fine knits, chunky knits, roll neck, and even turtle neck styles.

You can even match it with tights and boots!


Fleece a breathable fabric that is incredibly light in weight yet provides warmth. A warm fleece jacket can easily be paired with cargo trousers and boots to achieve a streetwear look.

Fleece apparel also comes in various patterns and colors which you can use to add a splash of color to your style. 

Sherpa Jackets

If you want to go to another level, you can also choose to wear Sherpa jackets or faux shearling vests. These jackets are thicker than fleece apparel which is why it is also called fluffy and teddy bear jackets. It comes in different lengths and designs and is usually an oversized fit.

These vests are best paired with jeans and kicks for a streetwear look or boots and sweater for a city casual. 


Statement scarves can also provide a status symbol for the user as well as signify some cultural aspects of the wearer. It is through the art of scarf tying that the elements as mentioned earlier are conveyed.

Examples include French knot scarf for a chic and conventional aura or an over-the-shoulder style that signifies a noble look while the overhand or wrap-around scarf tying indicates a functional approach in your fashion statement.


Add accessories to complement your dress and to keep your body warm. Hats are fashionable winter accessories that will cover and keep your head warm. Another essential piece is a pair of gloves. Choose the best that befits your personality, from faux lambskin fashion gloves, knitted mittens, leather-styled gloves, thermal gloves, opera-style gloves, and even sporty ski-style. 

Another accessory you can include in your winter fashion is earrings. However, try to avoid wearing metal jewelry because metal is a cold conductor. Instead, choose plastic acrylic gems or glass pieces such as Swarovski crystals for a guaranteed fashion statement.

You can also carry a bag to complete your winter statement. Select a contrasting color to make an attractive look.


Use platform shoes so that your toes will be kept away from the ground, resulting in less cold feet. Just remember to walk carefully because these are high shoes which can be inconvenient for some users who are not used to wearing them.

Choose leather boots over suede as the former is durable and is the practical choice for rain and snow. A boot with a block heel that is one to two inches high is also ideal for preventing twisted ankles and wet feet.

The Winter season is not just cold, snow, and bulky clothing. The pieces mentioned above, together with the smart pairing of apparel and accessories, will ensure a warm and fashionable winter!