Amazing Startup Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

Posted November 10, 2015 by in Career

With more and more people deciding to become their own boss, it can be tempting to follow suit. Whether you want to make some extra cash on the side or want to change your career entirely, a business could make a real difference to your life. They don’t have to be expensive to start either. Here is a list of some great startup business idea that could have you working for yourself in no time.

Jewelry Business

If you are a creative person why not start a jewelry business? Start by designing some potential ideas, practice manufacturing some of your designs, and using marketing tools like pop up displays. If you would rather not create the products you can always order from a body jewelry wholesale supplier instead. Try to consider what jewelry is currently popular and what price other stores are selling them at. This will inform you on what to buy and how much you should charge. Don’t try to think big too fast. It’s unlikely your products will become a celebrity must-have overnight. Get a stall at a local trade show and set up a website to get some experience and customer feedback. Etsy and Big Cartel are great options when you are just starting out.

It might be wise to sell your jewelry on a part time basis at first since it’ll take some time to build up a returning customer base. 

Sterling silver!

Freelance Writing

If you love nothing more than writing stories and blog posts, why not freelance your passion? Websites and publishers are always looking for new and exciting content and they are willing to pay for it. This work is always in demand and can be very lucrative. All you need is high-speed internet and the ability to put words together in an exciting manner. Don’t limit yourself to writing about one subject. You will find more business if you can write about an array of topics in different styles. This could be for blogs, advertising and brochures to name a few.

Amazing Startup Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow //

Personal Shopper

If shopping is your ideal way of spending a day, then this could be the career for you. Personal shoppers are hired to buy everything from clothing to gifts. To start, you will need a good looking website and business card. You are the product so you need to look professional in every aspect. Feature some great outfit ideas on your website that you have created and try to be versatile in your choices. You need to consider clients with all kinds of different tastes and styles.

Visit boutique and department stores and leave your card for people to pick up. Again, it will take time and hard work to get that first client, but don’t give up. Word of mouth is an effective resource to get your name out there. Why not even use friends and family to write great testimonials on your website?

Amazing Startup Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow //

These are some easy start up business ideas that could make you money and change your career prospects. Whichever one you decide, just make sure you have plenty of fun doing it.