An Easy (and Affordable) Cat Costume for All of Your Halloween Invites

Posted October 26, 2021 by in Fashion

In normal times, you’ll usually find me planning my Halloween costume in August. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and it fills me with joy when I can dress up and cosplay. While I cosplay year round, there’s a different energy around Halloween because everyone tends to be in the mood to be someone (or something) other than themselves for a single night. And who doesn’t like candy, amirite? And all of the spooky Halloween movies? Count me in! My boyfriend and I recently watched Sleepy Hollow, Disturbing Behavior, The Faculty, and A Nightmare Before Christmas. We still have a few more movies on our Halloween list—The Haunting, The Omen, and Hocus Pocus…duh!


Halloween has been less festive for me these past two year. In 2019, I was living in Sweden where Halloween isn’t celebrated the way it’s celebrated in The States. And I doubt I even need to bring up Halloween 2020…womp. Due to this, I’m now stuck scrambling for Halloween costume ideas. I’m sure I’m not the only one also in “panic mode” for this weekend’s Halloween festivities. If you’re in the same boat, don’t be afraid to be basic this year and go as a cat. All you need are cat ears. I purchased mine, but cat ears are very easy to make as well.

Photo by Ruben Gallardo

There are just so many ways you can be a cat. You can opt for all black, you can go all out with your makeup (whiskers and all), you could wear leopard print, and you can even dress a bit fancy. As long as you have your cat ears on, people will know exactly what you are.

You may even want to go all Y2k and be a one of the cats from Josie and the Pussycats. The options are endless! For my cat costume, I didn’t want to purchase anything other than my ears—they were $7.99 on Amazon. If you need your cat ears stat, consider making your own cat ears or checking out Spirit Halloween or Target.

For my clothing, I wore my fishnet tights (from my dance days), a skirt I thrifted from Savers over the summer, a black bodysuit I already owned, my combat boots, and the black wig I wore for my Mia Wallace costume last year.

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Just for Fun!

My friend Ruben and I decided to have a bit of fun after our shoot…because Halloween is the BEST!

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*Art direction and photography by Ruben Gallardo and Christian Siguenza