An Easy Guide on Taking the Perfect Selfie

Posted January 7, 2022 by in Lifestyle

You know those pictures you take, and you feel there is just that something not right? You look at your selfie facial expression, and you have this weird smile or stern face staring back at you. Yeah, those photos that you quickly delete. We all have been there, done that, and looked for ways to self-improve? Do you ever wish somewhere in the many books sold or blogs posted that there is some guide to have a better selfie? Let me share with you this easy guide on taking the perfect selfie:

Happy young female friends taking selfie in city after shopping

Practice in Front of a Mirror

Every success begins with a plan. Models do not just take great photos. They take hours to practice their poses to achieve just that angle the photographer wants. So, what is the plan? Practice your smile in front of a mirror. Try not to grimace when you smile. Practice your body poses and angles that bring out the best of you. You find that your confidence grows with enough practice. 

Selfie Stick or Phone Placement

Always remember that the closer the camera lens is to you, the more visible the highlight is on the features of your face and objects surrounding you. Try to maintain the camera at least an arm’s length away. In this way, you will lessen the sharpness of the photo. You will also include more background in the selfie frame. 

Another idea to extend the distance between you and the camera is to use a selfie stick. A selfie stick is an ideal tool to use because it allows you to include a group of people in your selfie and reduce or eliminate blurry photos.


Taking a perfect selfie includes light to eliminate or increase shadows. The way you angle the position of your camera, the more or less light you capture in your photo.

Professional photographers recommend facing your source of light. Sources of light, such as the window, sunlight, or the glow of inside lighting elements, help to remove shadows, brighten and soften your features. As much as possible, try to use natural light for your selfies. If not possible, try to invest in a selfie light ring. 

Above all, try to avoid using your in-built camera flash, as the bright light will make your features appear harsh.

Compose Your Selfie

As much as a great selfie focuses on you as the primary object, it includes whatever is in the selfie photo frame. Composition in photography is how you arrange the elements that will appear in your selfie frame.

 For example, you want a selfie that shows you having fun at the beach. Capturing background elements, such as the sandy beach, sea, people, handheld drinks, friends in the photo enhances it. Holding the camera directly in front of you, at eye level, will only capture you in the photo frame. Your selfie might also show a glimpse of your background details. 

To capture more background features, angle the camera slightly away from you. Why? It will draw you towards a third of the photo (known as the rule of thirds in photography). This way, you will feature more of the scenery in your selfie.

Photo Finishing and Editing 

Your phone camera or photo editing app can turn a not-so-interesting photo into an eye-catching one. It’s no wonder that both professionals and beginners edit their photos before sending them out or posting them on their social media pages. So, take the time to edit your photo. Do not over-edit your selfie so that you look like a plastic doll. Make a few touch-ups with the camera’s aperture, White Balance (WB), or the ISO. Alternatively, you can select auto features that will edit the photos for you.

When posting your selfie on social media, use interesting captions like selfie captions from the number one selfie editor Facetune to tell your story.

Many of us take selfies to share with family, friends, and our social media circle, sharing the best side of ourselves. Thus, having the perfect selfie goes a long way in creating your everyday work or travel stories. Consider the photos you want to make and share. Practice taking different selfies in different lighting, angles, and backgrounds. And remember to use eye-catching selfie captions when sharing your photos on social media.