Anatomy of Visionary by Mott Optical Group

Posted July 29, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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When you go into an optical store, you might think that they are simply selling glasses for profit. But this is not the case at all. A lot of groups have visions and missions that they want to share with the world. Some of them try to tell their stories and share their knowledge when it comes to eyeglasses.

You may find their vision statements on the walls, or you may hear their employees offering the best possible advice when it comes to choosing the right eyeglasses. Such is the case with the Mott Optical Group story’s anatomy – Laura Ye collaboration and the people behind it. They held the dream that people from all walks of life would wear their creations. These groups of visionaries were ready to face challenges and recreate their dreams to turn them into reality.

Other Companies Mission and Vision Statements

Most of the founders wanted to operate globally and they wanted the healthcare industry to trust them when it comes to eye exams and glass prescriptions. Therefore, you may see many optical stores offering accurate eye examinations with the help of advanced technologies. This is what attracts the clients to come inside their stores.

When a shop or an optical group is consistent in producing excellent eyewear and helping people wear the right glasses, their previous clients will more likely to refer them to others. More referrals translate into added revenue, which enables the company to expand its operations overseas.

The mission of others is to collaborate with ophthalmologists so that these experts will offer their products to the patients. Know more about mission statements in this link here. Most eye doctors only wanted to get great outcomes for their patients since their reputations are also on the line. Therefore, when they recommend a specific product, it should fix their patients’ vision problems and prescription glasses should be able to enhance their clients’ lives.

Missions are Taken Seriously

When it comes to revenues and income, money is only the by-product of a quality called “value”. For the business to remain thriving, it should focus on producing eyeglasses that will add value to their customers’ lives.

But this is not the case for some companies. They can get easily distracted from their stated mission because they might get sidetracked with product catalog expansions, competition, and profit margins.

To stay in this kind of business and get recognized worldwide, a company should make valuable products while inspiring people at the same time. The trick of “making more money for less” won’t do the trick anymore. A famous author once said that people nowadays do not buy what you do, but they are more interested in purchasing the reason why you do it.

The statements of the optical companies let them focus on what matters. Nowadays, since technology is on the line, many optical stores may invest in a website and online shopping platforms. However, they should ensure that they don’t deviate from their missions and visions in providing high-quality eyeglasses to their customers.

Standard Procedures Should Still be Followed.

Even if a customer orders online, an optical store should still ask about their clients’ needs. They should know if their customers have visual errors or eye diseases that would require a visit to the ophthalmologist. The best companies out there have retinoscopes, biomicroscopes, and ophthalmoscopes that help diagnose vision problems. Read more about retinoscopes here:

The customers will also talk with a qualified optometrist to learn more about treatments and possible causes of their vision problems. After the visit, the medical information should be stored in a database so that clients purchasing online will be presented with choices that will meet their needs.

With so many companies out there, customers often prefer the best and trusted names for eyeglasses. After all, the glasses are something that they will use most of the time, and the wrong ones can worsen their visions. 

If you are a customer, you should choose a company that has a strong mission and vision since they are the ones that can help you make the right choice. They should also have visionaries that will strongly stick to providing high-quality and premium eyeglasses and providing excellent service to their customers.