Animated Text in Digital Marketing: Why Is It Important?

Posted April 27, 2020 by in Career
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A recent study found that 4 in 10 businesses don’t have a clearcut digital marketing strategy in 2020. As a result, these businesses aren’t reaching as many potential customers as they could.

Don’t be 4 in 10. Make sure that your digital marketing is designed to stand out and hold your audience’s attention.

One great way to do that is by implementing animated text in digital marketing. Read on to find out more about the benefits of animated text:

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Create Visual Attraction

Humans are nothing if not visual creatures. We tend to form our first impressions quickly and filter out content that doesn’t immediately appeal to us.

Imagine a still image or logo on your Instagram feed. It looks nice and it’s professional but it doesn’t really pop. Chances are that you’re going to keep scrolling without thinking twice.

Now imagine that same image or logo but with movement. The text isn’t there from the start so you have to give it a moment to appear on the screen. In this time, you’re absorbing more about this image or logo and your intrigue has kicked in. 

The simple addition of animated text will make your digital marketing much more attractive to an audience that is constantly inundated with online marketing. 

Diversify Your Content Without Overloading Your Viewer

While it takes a lot to attract a potential customer’s attention, it takes even more to hold it. People have a tendency to shy away from articles and videos that will take up more than a few minutes (or less) of their time. 

Adding animated text to your digital marketing materials will allow you to say a bit more and diversify your content to fit each social media platform better.

For example, you may begin with value words you want your customers to associate with your products along with an appealing still image. Once these value words make their appearance, they disappear to make room for your company’s name and slogan.

In a matter of 30 seconds or less, you’ve made an impression on your potential customers and begun the process of tying your business to real, palpable feelings. This is one of the most important things to accomplish with advertising and you have a very short window to accomplish it. Animated text is the perfect solution!

Use Animated Text in Digital Marketing with Ease

You may be thinking, “How difficult and costly will this new digital marketing strategy be?” The answer is that adding animated text to your existing logos and other digital marketing images is neither difficult or costly.

Online tutorials and premade templates make it easier than ever to add some animation to your digital marketing platforms!

If you’re looking to increase your company’s visibility online, it’s time to try using animated text in digital marketing, it can be just important as seo services. You’ll see an immediate uptick in the number of potential clients who interact with your online content followed by that ever-important increase in sales!

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