Apple Pay: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted May 21, 2022 by in Lifestyle
ING just added ApplePay to their services

A pocket-friendly way to pay money digitally without losing a penny is the most preferable in this modern world. You do not have to carry a credit card anymore if you start paying from your preferred digital app. There are many ways introduced today to pay for your purchase. A simple scan through a code and voilà! payment done. We are going to talk about one of these modes today which is apple pay. Go through this full guide to know the details. 

What is Apple Pay?

The buzziest service in all is Apple Pay. It is one of the easiest ways that people prefer to make payments. Apple Pay is a mobile phone wallet available on all Apple devices. You can pay while checkout with just one click. Scan a QR code with your phone to make the payment.You can pay with it through apps and websites. When most people saw that other transactions take more time than Apple Pay, they started preferring it. 

Benefits of Apple Pay

When people no more want to waste their time, they can choose the contactless mode of payment. For such reasons, Apple Pay has become one of the most preferred modes of contactless card machine payments. Its benefits are as follows:

  • Faster transactions than any other payment modes
  • Payments are done conveniently
  • Faster than magnetic card swipes
  • It is not time-consuming
  • Available in the majority of stores
  • Provides security features
  • User Friendly to all age limits
  • You can protect your payments with one-touch

Where to use Apple Pay?

When you pay with Apple Pay, your credit card number is not stored on your device. It gives a different number to your every purchase through which the payments are secure. Apple Pay can be used at various places. You can even check the maps to know whether your desired store accepts it or not. Many retailers like Walgreens, Petco, and Sephora accept this method of payment. If you usually make purchase from walmart then you might have a question that Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? You can get all the information through that link. 

Stores that are equipped with NFC (near-field communications) device accepts the method. You can use Apple pay at various fashion stores and large retail stores as well. You can search for the stores before going for shopping to check out if they accept this payment mode or not. You can use it while shopping through apps & websites, peer-to-peer, and also in stores. 

Apps & Websites:

It is no longer necessary to pull out your credit card to type the number. Pay with one touch while shopping from websites and apps. Set up the Apple Pay for apps and websites and then use it. Activate the traction from Apple PAy in the settings and start your shopping. You can complete your purchase with just one tap. 

Even if you are purchasing on a website, you only have to choose the option of payment from Apple Pay and start your transaction. The details will be already present in the payment mode. You can do hassle-free shopping from this payment method. 

Using Apple Pay on a website


When you want to opt for a contactless payment method then Apple Pay can gladly help you while purchasing in stores. You just have to scan the code while checking out after your purchase. Once the procedure is done it will automatically pay for your purchase in stores. Make sure the store accepts this payment mode before choosing this method. 


You can share and receive money from your peers through the app. Apple messenger app can also be used while doing transactions. You can chat and pay your friend whenever you want. Tap the icon of Apple pay, enter the amount and tap confirm. The transactions are easy to conduct as Apple Pay will verify it with a code first and then the amount will be deducted from your account. 

How Can I Set Up Apple Pay?

It is a good idea to stay in the run and updated in this modern world. When you buy a smartphone, many perks come with it like Apple Pay. You can learn about it by setting it up on your smartphone. It is relatively easy to start this mode of payment on your phone.All you have to do is add your card information to the app and you are ready to go. You must follow the steps listed below to set up your credit card details.

1. Open the app on your smartphone

2. Go to the Balance section

3. Select square debit card

4. Opt for the option of adding a credit card to Apple Pay

5. Confirm the details and then you are all set to use the wallet

Note: You can set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac Book. 

Let’s Sum Up

Most precisely, the best benefit of using an Apple Pay mode of payment is to make your transactions easy, fast and convenient. In other words, we can sum it up that Apple pay is noticeably more preferable than any chip card or magnetic swipe card transaction. 

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