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Healthcare professionals or nursing professionals are the persons who give primary care to ill and injured persons. Nursing professionals are the backbone of the healthcare industry, and they always need to grow to make a remarkable difference in the lives of ill people and their families. 

Nursing is a profession where one has to be available round the clock in an emergency. Because of such a busy routine, it is difficult for nurses to improve their education after getting hired as bachelor nurses. They cannot go to college or university for higher education, but it is compulsory to educate further as competition is very high. 

This profession is growing faster and provides the third-largest number of jobs of any other occupation. Their employment rate is very high, and the employment rate is increased by about 30% in the last ten years. Based on recent findings, about 2,906,200 nurse practitioners are employed in the USA, while 83% are females and 14% are males.

Nursing student using an app to help her study

How to Study Better

Online education is beneficial because healthcare professionals are busy in hospitals and clinics providing primary care to their patients. Nurses who want to advance in their career to treating the full range of patients, i.e., from neonates to the elderly, have a better opportunity to become Family Nurse Practitioners. Such nurses provide care to patients of all ages and are more independent than all nurses.

 They earn higher salaries and have effective and prominent job satisfaction. The nurses who want to have a rewarding career at each level must do an MSN FNP degree as this degree groom them personally and professionally to perform their duties in a wide range of segments. FNP seekers must have a bachelor’s degree and have registered themselves as nurses. Two years of working experience as a registered nurse is preferred.

Nurses can also improve their skills by using different apps on mobile as critical thinking, and good memory are a part of the nursing job.

  • NRSNG scrub sheets can be installed on mobile to have an information guide on many topics such as neonatal and pediatric care, respiratory, pharmacology, endocrine, neurology, and gastrointestinal care.
  • Picmonic This app explains every aspect in chronological steps. It explains topics and then conducts a quiz at the end to better understand.
  • Epocrates This app can be installed to know about diseases, diagnoses, tests, treatments, medication prescriptions, and dosage calculations at your fingertips.
  • U world app can help nursing students who want to pass their NCLEX exams. Such students must invest in this app as this app enables students to answer questions easily.
  • Pepid app is the one that provides complete information for all aspects of patient care. Physicians, nurses, and other health care workers can use it to help their practices.
  • Medscape app is a good informational resource to access a medical directory, news related to medical sciences, and news related to the health care industry.
  • Web MD app is made for a general audience and fresh nursing students who could not understand medical terminology to provide primary care.
  • Tabers Medical Dictionary is a mobile version of a medical dictionary to study for tests preparations and understand definitions related to the medical field.
  • Nurse Grid app is made by nurses for scheduling and communication purposes at all worksites to view shifts of nurses and other duties performed. 

Scope Of FNPs in Nursing Career 

The nurses who pursue their careers as Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) can enjoy more independence and responsibility than Registered Nurses (RNs) to make a difference in the lives of acute and chronically ill patients by providing a greater healthcare system. Their scope in the nursing profession has been increased nowadays because they have a remarkable capacity to treat patients at every stage of their illness. They provide long-term treatments in local and private hospitals.

Duties of FNPs

  • FNPs provide family focus care to patients 
  • FNPs are multitaskers 
  • They do diagnosis as well as treatment.
  • Perform a physical examination of patients 
  • Perform diagnostic tests and procedures
  • They also prescribe medications 
  • They educate their patients on how to promote health and a healthy lifestyle 
  • They educate about the prevention of diseases 

Salaries of FNPs 

Their annual salaries are very high compared to other nurses who have not reached this designation. Their annual median salaries range from $94,800 to $130,200. As the demand for NPs grows day by day because of the higher scope of the healthcare system, their salaries have also become more attractive than Registered Nurses.

Areas Of Work of FNP Graduates 

FNP graduates have a wide range of employment areas because of the provision of their team-based care to acute and chronically ill patients.

In Outpatient Clinics 

FNP Graduates are employed in outpatient clinics that provide ambulatory care, including medical care to diagnose and treat patients who do not need overnight care.

In Offices of Physicians

FNP nurses work in physician’s offices to collect patients’ information regarding their health problems. In this process, these nurses maintain medical records of patients, take interviews with patients and family members. They do tests and procedures related to diagnosis and treatment.  

In Emergency Care clinics 

In emergency care clinics, FNPs are employed to perform the same functions as physicians. These may include ordering tests, performing complete physical examinations, and doing therapeutic procedures.

In Retail Clinics

FNPs have the opportunity to work in retail clinics because of their skills to provide patient care from neonatal to older adulthood. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) said that FNPs play a vital role in the healthcare system because they provide care at an expert level. NPs must be involved in all areas of running clinics.

In Administration of Hospitals

FNPs are employed to deal with patients’ admission and discharging procedures and maintain patient histories and overall records remotely.

In Educational Departments

In educational departments of different health care systems, FNPs work as a trainer to educate other junior nurses with the help of their experience and education about management, patient care, and all aspects of nursing.

Health care professionals belong to a challenging profession because patients’ lives are in their hands. So, in this modern world of technology, when health care professionals are busy multitasks, it is necessary to take benefits from different apps and online courses to fit in a space and meet the competition levels and challenges of health care workers in society.

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