Are Class Rings Still a Thing? (the answer is yes)

Posted January 8, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Does the idea of commemorating your achievements in high school or college appeal to you? They should. Graduating from either of these institutions is a huge achievement in our lives.

Over the years, class rings have been the ideal way of showing off your pride for your school and the fact that you made it through graduation. While the original rings worn years ago may not be as popular as they once were, a stylish piece of jewelry to mark your time in school is still a popular option.

If you’ve been asking yourself whether class rings are still a thing, the answer is of course, yes. Let’s take a look at the newest trends in class rings so you can better understand why so many high school and college graduates can’t wait to sport these beautiful pieces of jewelry:

High School Graduate With Cap Holding Up Class Ring

The Tradition of Class Rings

 If you’re a member of the older generation, you most likely remember gazing at Jostens class rings in hopes of finding the one you loved the best. The rings were bigger, bulky some may say, and made sure to represent your school colors. As times have changed, so have class rings.

Whether you browse Walmart class rings or search online for class rings for girls, you’ll find new shapes, styles, and options available. You can even get help with how to choose the right ring, what they represent, and how to care for it once it’s in your possession. These websites, like, can teach you all about this and even offer tips on where to find the best ring for your style.

Why Class Rings Remain Popular

While the hype behind class rings might be a little less obvious nowadays, that doesn’t mean the idea of sporting one isn’t still in style. Many college graduates find their class rings as the best way to honor their alma mater and even show off their allegiance to their fraternities. Class rings are also the perfect way to show pride in your school’s reputation and beliefs.

When it comes to high school class rings, fashion stands out. Choosing popular designs and engravings that honor your extracurricular activities are all the rage with teenagers. It’s even cool to stick with your school’s traditional look and style if that’s what you choose. Moreover, classmates can get their names added to the ring, if they bought it from personalized gift shops like GetNameNecklace.

Other Trends on the Horizon

For newer generations, finding something of their own is always on their minds. This is why the older, traditional class rings are slowly making their way onto the back burner. Now, they are being replaced with sleeker models, with special gemstones and metals. 

As always, class rings are always used to dignify where you stand out. Whether that’s sports, academics, or even clubs young people today love all the additions they can add to show off their personalities. Each of these additions has a special meaning and helps keep class rings just as relevant as they once were.

 If you’ve been debating whether class rings are a thing for you, it’s time to stop. Yes, class rings are ideal for everyone and can be used to show your love and dedication to your school. 

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