Are Delta 8 THC Gummies a Mostly Legal Alternative to Weed?

Posted April 20, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Nothing could be more painful than wanting to access cannabis products but being restricted based on your location.

Thanks to ever-shifting legalities, whether or not a person can safely enjoy cannabis products depends entirely on their local laws. For many people, this makes pretty much all cannabis products totally out of reach.

There is, however, one type of cannabis that is still pretty much legal and serves as a great alternative to weed; delta 8 THC.

There are all kinds of different delta 8 for sale, even in places where cannabis is nominally illegal, so why is it allowed? Why can people safely get delta 8 gummies legally, and just what is delta 8 THC anyway?

What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is definitely the most perplexing of the different cannabis products because it shares the same name as regular THC. 

The truth is that delta-8 THC is actually very similar to THC but different in some very fundamental ways. In fact, regular THC is appropriately known as delta-9 THC!

Delta-8’s chemical makeup is slightly different, enough to make it affect the body differently when consumed. The same typical high feelings will generally follow taking some delta-8 THC, only it will feel far less potent.

Many studies have found that the reason this happens is due to the way that delta-8 THC affects the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is where cannabinoids elicit their effects through their interactions with the cannabinoid receptors.

It was found that delta-8 THC affects the CB1 receptors far more than the CB2 receptor, whereas typical THC does this the other way around. This is seemingly why delta-8 THC causes a very soft and gentle high.

So what are these effects that are so similar to regular THC?

What Effects Can Delta 8 Make You Feel?

Typical delta-8 THC effects include pretty much all of the impacts you would expect from regular THC, albeit in a much more reduced capacity.

It affects everyone differently, but some mainstays include the tendency to cause a mellow head high that lasts a very long time.

There isn’t much of that intense body high that many cannabis strains offer; instead, delta-8 THC is much more focused on relaxation and mind expansion.

This means that people taking delta-8 THC to try and completely replace regular THC might be a bit disappointed to find that the effects are not as potent. However, users who feel intimidated by delta-9’s effects may find the compound a pleasant experience. 

Delta-8 is sold in many forms including, vapes, topicals, and delta-8 THC gummies. But is delta-8 THC legal? Why is it treated differently compared to regular THC?

Is Delta 8 THC Actually Legal?

As with all things to do with cannabis, the legality surrounding delta-8 THC is quite confusing. It isn’t so much that delta-8 THC is inherently legalized, but more that it has not been specifically considered criminal either.

The USA is probably the best example country when it comes to delta-8 THC. In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized CBD-derived hemp and recognized the growing popularity of CBD products on the market. However, THC (delta-9) continued to be federally illegal. 

As delta-8 can technically be extracted from industrial hemp, a legalized crop, and has never been identified as an illicit substance, many consider it entirely legal. This is a little bit of a grey area, and it can indeed be different from state to state in the USA, but federally speaking, it isn’t illegal.

This is why delta-8 gummies and all sorts of different delta-8 THC products can be found online; you can just buy them and use them without much risk at all.

This isn’t necessarily true in all countries; it is still considered illegal in places like the UK because they strictly control the production and sale of hemp in general.

For a lot of the rest of the world, however, delta-8 THC is not only readily available, but it is also a seemingly safe and enjoyable alternative to weed. 

Now, if only we could find some products that are decently priced.