Are Online Degrees Respected?

Posted August 3, 2021 by in Career

An online degree may not offer a one-stop solution for all. However, for people with time restraints or for those who stay far away from an accredited college, online graduate degree programs offer a realistic solution for individuals to achieve their career goals in dozens of respected fields. As an example, more and more individuals are now getting their ITIL certification online.

Because of the recent notable shift towards online learning, the stigma which used to be linked with perceiving a degree sitting at home is no longer there. In fact, there is ample evidence nowadays that proves that an online degree course is just as acceptable as a physical classroom experience.

Further, evidence provided by the Department of Education has revealed that those students who opted for online programs, on average, fared much better than their counterparts who pursued the same course by following face-to-face instructions.

What Do Employer’s Think?

There is no doubt that at one time online education was considered an oddity, and at the best time of an uncertain qualification. The scene has changed in recent years, with more and more trusted colleges preferring to switch to online learning in order to provide wider access and comfort to their students.

Employer’s, too, are of a universal opinion that irrespective of whether a degree is obtained online or offline, what is more credible is the reputation of the college and university from where it is obtained.

In some cases, entrepreneurs actually consider students more disciplined when they juggled with multiple commitments, like school and family, while earning their degree.

How Best to Go About it?

If you are thinking of going to school online, here are a few tips to find out which online degree provider is good for you:

Reputation: Pick a centre which has a physical campus, rather than just a P.O. box address or suite number, unless you want your employer to raise concerns.

Time and Accreditation: Credibility and accreditation go hand in hand says the Department of Education. So ensure that the school you join is a recognized one and not a run of the mill diploma agency. Secondly, be wary of such institutions that advertise a degree course in just a few months.

Finally, the most respected online university will be the one that will offer the best educational experience at an affordable cost. Moreover it should offer the brightest future prospects with a high return on your investment.

Quality of those who have graduated: Carefully check the reputation and data of the graduates who have passed out. This will be a great help in determining quality and prospects of job placements.

In conclusion, it is evident that online degrees are in no way inferior to those achieved in a classroom environment. They may in some cases prove to provide a better outcome as they are accessible to students who are otherwise incapable of physical learning due to geographic constraints or time restrictions in obtaining a degree of their desired choice. In the end, where you earned your degree is more important than how you earned it.

*Photo by Vlada Karpovich