Trend Alert: Are the 80’s Coming Back?

Posted July 5, 2011 by in Trends

We had an 80’s comeback between 2002-2005 with leg warmers, netted gloves, vibrant tights, and short skirts over pants. It was mainly popular with the under 17 crowd and almost completely disappeared when the status bag trend took over. But I think it’s back with a whole new twist! Since 2009 I’ve seen people rock the acid wash skinny jeans, fitted neon shirts, and mood rings, but  in the past 6 months its become trendier than ever. I’ve seen it everywhere, and from every sub-culture. What do you think?

Try American Apparel and Forever 21 for fitted neon shirts and tanks ($25 and under!)

Try Hot Topic (only $2.99) or thrift stores for a real vintage mood ring!

Try H&M, Forever 21, Target, and Necessary Clothing in Soho for acid wash skinny jeans ($30 and under!)