Are There Any Age Restrictions for Dental Implants?—we Have the Answers

Posted September 18, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Dental implant issues are common in adults and children too. The only difference is in the severity of the dental issue. This treatment type focuses on filling the gap between missing teeth with the help of an artificial one.

Dental implant treatment works amazingly to align your denture, giving you a beautiful and confident smile forever. Moreover, it works as a strengthening factor for natural teeth. 

Do dental implants have anything to do with age restrictions?

Yes, it has! Dental implant treatment is not a suitable one for toddlers and babies. This is because they don’t have a permanent tooth structure yet, which may hamper their overall denture. But at the same time, the growing age of children can be a significant risk factor adding more to dental care complications. Therefore, children in the k-6 age group, teenagers, and adolescents should avoid getting into such troubles. 

Here, the primary concern is with the age group of 18 or younger. During this age, the denture, jawbone, and teeth roots shape better and get matured. This means the bone structure isn’t strong enough right now and may grow in the forthcoming years. On the other hand, dental implants require strong and matured teeth roots to work on. Otherwise, it may lead to damaged tooth roots. 

What is the earliest suitable age to undergo dental implants?

The best dentists worldwide recommend waiting for dental implants until your denture is not matured enough to be treated. When talking about the best dentists, it’s hard to miss Denver’s dentists, who are highly recognized for their excellence in the dental health domain. Even Denver’s dental specialists say that the earliest and appropriate age for such treatment is 18 years. This is when you have been suffering from some severe dental structure issues in adolescence or teenage. Even at 18 years, the denture is not properly matured. Thus, rather than risking your oral health, it’s wise to consult a dentist in advance. 

Is it possible for a person to be too old for dental implants?

Medically, the answer is a big NO. Many people undergo dental implants in their 60s or even in their 80s. Since missing teeth or excessive gaps between teeth is a common issue in later life, it’s common for people to acquire this dental treatment. 

How to trust your dentist for dental implants?

Denver is recognized for its dental services because most dental implants denver experts follow regulations set by the ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC (Centers for Disease and Control Prevention). This is a necessary factor to safeguard your health while creating a safe treatment environment for you. 

Dental implants are a fantastic solution to many dental problems ranging from poor teeth structure to the unwanted gap between teeth. However, the treatment may not prove ideal for all age groups. Therefore, it’s a good idea to evaluate if your teeth structure is strong enough to bear dental implant treatment or not. That’s the reason why dentists do not recommend dental treatments for kids. 

*Photo by Anna Shvets