Are You an Adult? Here’s How to Tell!

Posted June 3, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Oh, it’s the news we don’t want to hear because it never feels like the right time to hear it, but we’re going to lay down some truth to your day:  You’re a grown up.

We know, it feels painful to hear the words, but it’s the truth. Now that you’re a grown up, you have more responsibility and yet less freedom than when you were a child. Isn’t that an odd realization? You wish to be an adult when you’re a child for the freedom, but when you get there, you’re far from that carefree life. For example, you have utilities and a mortgage to pay as an adult, which you didn’t as a child. 

Just because you’re officially 18 doesn’t mean you necessarily feel like an adult. To be honest, it takes quite a few years after turning 18 to actually feel adult. At the end of the day, it’s hard to get your head around being a grown up, so we’ve put together some signs you’re an adult to help you to ease into the idea.

Here we go:

  • You’ve Got A Favorite Coffee. You don’t just pour yourself a cup of instant coffee anymore. You have a full machine in the kitchen to make your own lattes and cappuccinos. You have a favorite mug and a favorite syrup, too. Perhaps you have a particular coffee shop you go to every day and a favorite barista—you’re in true adult territory.
  • You’ve Got House Alarms. Let’s bypass the fact that having a house and a mortgage makes you an adult, but researching Home Security Systems makes you a definite grown up. You care about your home and you want to ensure that you keep it safe. Being concerned about safety and security is important and it’s definitely a sign of maturity!
  • Mom Doesn’t Do Your Ironing. Oh, you wear shirts for work, and you need them to be straight and flat—so you learned via YouTube how to iron. Yup, definitely an adult.
  • You Have A Sleep Routine. Babies have a schedule for sleep when they enter toddlerhood, and children have one, too. We all rebel and stop sleeping—pushing the boundaries of our own consciousness to stay up as late as possible. Once you start putting yourself to bed at a decent time because you want to, you’re an adult.  
  • You Can Cook Without Burning The House Down. The days of frozen chicken fingers are over; you’re learning how to cook and you can knock out an amazing homemade pizza now. You no longer set fires in the kitchen and burn your food—yay, you!
  • Getting a Toaster For A Gift Excites You. As you get the older, the more you’re going to want things like toasters and clothes steamers for your birthday.
  • You Start Investing In Nicer Furniture. The moment you start transitioning from thrift finds, hand-me-downs from family, and IKEA to West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and CB2, you are an adult. Spending $800+ on a couch is a very adult purchase.

FYI, You're An Adult. Here's How To Tell!

Being an adult is a good thing, honestly, and while you have more responsibilities than you did before, you do get to go and buy an entire cake and eat it if you want to, so there’s that! Be a grown up and be proud you made it this far.