Arizona Bike Accident Law: What You Need to Know if You Have Been Injured

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Many people in Arizona are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money by not purchasing fuel to travel by car. Instead, many people travel by bike. While riding bikes reduces the environmental burden, there has been an increase in bike accidents in the state. 

Cyclists risk getting into accidents with other cyclists and vehicles they share roadways with. As more bikes enter the road, the likelihood of accidents increases. An increased chance of an accident also means that there is a greater risk of injury and permanent health consequences, including death, should collisions with vehicles occur. 

With the number of accidents growing, Arizona cyclists must understand what to do if they have been injured in an accident. In this article, we break down some key concepts to be aware of so that you can address your accident in your best interest. Read on to learn more about addressing your bike-related injury and how Torgenson Law Arizona can help. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In A Bike Accident? 

Get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer at Torgenson Law in Arizona and find out if you can file a claim for personal injury. Understand that Arizona has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims. You must meet your deadline for your claim to be filed. Reach out to a bike accident attorney to learn more about filing for your injury. 

Hire An Attorney from Torgenson Law In Arizona 

Look for attorneys with extensive knowledge of bicycle accidents and keep the following points in mind before hiring a lawyer: 

  • Not every accident is the same, and personal injuries vary significantly. 
  • Working with a bike accident attorney like those at Torgenson Law in Arizona is ideal, as they have a detailed understanding of these particular personal injury accidents that may not be within the expertise of even the best car accident attorneys. 
  • Likewise, personal injury lawyers that deal with other types of injuries, such as dog bites or work-related injuries, are not within the niche you’re dealing with, and are not the best fit for your case needs. 
  • Get in touch with an experienced bike accident attorney to learn how to proceed with your claim instead.

Know Who To Speak With At The Accident Scene 

As soon as you are injured, do not voice your feedback on what transpired to anyone. Anything you comment on can be used to defend the other party in court, which extends to sharing information with insurance companies and others at the scene of the accident (including witnesses). For the best outcomes, get in touch with a bike accident lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona to learn what to do next. 

Before calling your lawyer, make sure you have called for immediate medical care to ensure that you and the other persons involved receive the care they need and can rule out potentially unseen health issues that the accident may have caused. Additionally, it is essential to remain calm and collected at the scene of the accident, as belligerent or aggressive behavior can interfere with the success of your case’s outcomes and may potentially provoke others at the scene. 

Take Photos Of The Bike Accident And Your Injuries 

Taking photographs of the accident and any injuries you have sustained from it is essential to build your case. Photos will help your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona review information and piece together your case for the best outcomes. Your attorney will do some of this extensive work independently, but the more evidence you can provide, the better. 

  • Be sure to take photos of tire marks and any other positionings on the road you feel are relevant to the specifics of your accident. 
  • You want to put together as much information as possible to help your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona build a case to have your claims taken seriously. 
  • On a similar note, make sure that any paperwork regarding your injury that you receive from medical staff is also copied and shared with your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona for further evidence and case-building purposes. 
  • Having an official diagnosis or treatment plan outlined can support your case as it validates the significance of your injury, let alone that an injury was undoubtedly sustained due to the bike accident. 

Look For Nearby Cameras

Your bike accident lawyer will gather evidence for you, but try to gather as much preliminary proof as possible to support your case. Take note of where your accident occurred, and see if any of the nearby stores, restaurants, etc., have a camera that may have captured the footage of your accident. You can review the tapes with your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona and build your case using this additional, supportive information. 

In these instances, it is best to approach the facilities you plan to ask for footage only after you’re recovered enough and are ready to discuss your situation. You don’t want to come across as a public concern. In other words, don’t immediately walk over after you’ve been injured. Take care of your medical needs first, and then return to get the information you need for your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona.

Ask Your Lawyer About Fees

Make sure that you are working with a lawyer that you trust. When it comes to personal injury cases, many lawyers work out contingency fees, whereby you do not pay for services unless you win or settle. A percentage of earrings is then granted to the lawyer. Ask your lawyer from Torgenson Law in Arizona to be upfront about any fees before you start working together.

Reach Out To An Attorney You Trust 

There is a high risk of getting into a bike accident in Arizona because many cyclists are on the road compared to other places. If you have been injured in a bike accident, reach out to an experienced bike accident attorney at Torgenson Law in Arizona to resolve your situation.

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