Art Prints: Add Interest and Give Your Walls the Attention They Deserve

Posted November 26, 2021 by in Home

Art is an integral part of us, our history and our culture. It tells a story and is both personal and consciously shared with others. Observing art pieces can give you the well-deserved break from your busy lifestyle and may inspire and motivate you in difficult times.

Introducing art into your home can make a huge difference to how your place looks and feels. Moreover, it has the power to spark a dialogue and make people in the room feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and impressions. 

Decorating with art is supposed to be fun, but some may find it overwhelming. Selecting art pieces doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s a great chance for self-expression. Just go with what speaks to you and find the right spot in your home where you can place it. And what’s better than covering those blank walls with some artwork?

From the dawn of civilisation, wall art has been the most popular interior decorating tool. From the early man yearning to capture his experiences and beliefs through cave paintings to the modern men trying to turn his house into a home, it has the power to transform any space. If you are looking to decorate your own space and create a more wholesome living experience for you and the people around you, consider print artwork

What Are Artwork Prints All About?

If you are new to the world of high-quality art reproductions, you may need some help to understand how it works. Simply put, a print is an image created on a piece of paper, of which more than one copy exists. 

In the 20th century, artists began to sign and number each print to make sure that only the ones they intended to sell would be out there. The quantity, printing process and printing material contribute to the final price of the art print, so you can find anything from an inexpensive disposable poster to a rare antique. 

Most Common Types of Art Prints


The artwork has been manually printed by the artist or with some processes and/or under the artist’s supervision, it’s not considered a reproduction. Created in the same way as drawing, this type of print can be made more than once as the nature of the technique allows it. 

Fine Art

Usually printed from electronic files using archival quality inks onto acid free paper, fine art prints are some of the most durable options you can find. The acid material in some papers makes them turn yellow, brittle and crack with time, while an acid free paper can last for decades.


If you like the look of paintings, consider canvas prints. The natural canvas texture adds colour depth to the image printed from an inkjet printer. Once printed, it’s sprayed with protective varnish in a glossy or matte finish. If you want a print with a slightly warm tone, go for the glossy finish, but if you want an image that brings softness and sophistication, then choose a print with a matte finish. 

Acrylic Print

It’s an image printed on photographic paper. Once printed, it’s placed between sheets of acrylic, known as well as plexiglass. An acrylic print is different from a canvas print in terms of material, texture and appearance. They both have vivid colours, but a canvas print resembles an original painting much better and evokes an artistic feel.

Limited Edition

A limited-edition print means that only a certain number of it is available. Some of them are signed and numbered, however, they are all exclusive and considered more valuable. When on the market, you can’t fail to notice that limited edition prints cost much more than the open edition.

However, even if the artist sells open edition prints, it doesn’t mean that they will be available indefinitely. That’s why it’s always a good idea to buy a print artwork you like once you see it and make sure it finds its way onto your walls.

Choosing Art Prints for Your Home

Art should evoke a reaction and when selecting art pieces that will be a part of your everyday life, you want them to reflect positive vibes. Always choose artwork that carries a feeling of happiness, excitement or calm and give your home a beautiful finishing touch. It’s your own space you are decorating and you want to create a beautiful, harmonious interior, so you, your family and guests can enjoy it. 

Everyone should feel relaxed at home, but if you live in a busy part of the city, you may want to turn your place into a calming retreat from the traffic you can see right out of the window. For that purpose, consider Sun wall art prints in different color tones or images with botanical motifs. However, if you want to keep up with the trends, but stay away from the busy world, then go with abstract illustrations or pop art.

Botanical images are a great choice if you are looking for ways to celebrate natural beauty in your home space. Animal prints, on the other hand, can add a touch of sophistication, while landscapes fit well both modern and traditional interiors. 

If your home is rich in colour and texture, you can opt for a simple art print and create a balanced atmosphere, but if your home is filled with mostly neutral colours, then choose art pieces in many different colours that will introduce a lively vibe to your space and add depth to the overall appearance of your home. 

Support Local Artists

There is a diverse community of UK artists creating artwork that is sure to match your style and preferences. Buying local artists’ stuff is a great way to support their work, their creativity and the local art scene.

How to Decorate with Art Prints

There is no need to fill your walls with art all at once. First, take a good look at them and the surrounding area and then think about the way you will use your prints. With a little bit of patience, you can make it look like there is a wall art prints collection built up over the years.

The amazing thing about art is that it can have a surprisingly positive effect in some, unfortunately, overlooked areas in a home, like a staircase, for instance. Also, if it’s a rented space, the landlord may not be happy with you putting up anything on the walls in which case you can place the art piece on a bookshelf or mantlepiece. It’s an easy and effective way to add some character to your home interior and allows you to change the look of the room whenever you feel like it’s time for some refreshment. 

Finally, keep your art prints at eye level because if set too high or too low, they can make the room feel cramped, or even worse, they may seem invisible. 

How do you like your walls decorated? Let us know in the comments below!