4 Outfits You Totally Need to Wear This Weekend

Posted August 21, 2014 by in Shopping

Where has the summer gone? It seems like just yesterday we were all still bundled up in our favorite winter coats. Although the heat has been extra brutal these past few days, the weekend forecast is looking beyond perfect. Blue skies, cool nights, no rain, and bearable day temps.

Take advantage of this upcoming August weekend by hanging out with friends and going to fun events or places in your town/city. Go vintage shopping, try a new restaurant, or even indulge in a brunch filled with Southern comfort food.

If this seems like your kind of weekend, check out these outfits styled by Marlen, the voice behind Messages on a Napkin. She knows what’s what in the fashion department!

1. Ramen Soup Shop

It’s odd, but drinking hot things on hot days can cool the body down. It’s a weird fact, but we’re just going to go with it. We vote for ramen!


2. Vintage Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are getting extremely trendy in even the smallest of towns. So keep an eye out for pop-up shops in your area.


3. Southern Brunch

Brunch is a weekend must! And how can you say no to fried chicken and waffles?


4. Drive-in Theater

These retro venus still exist, so look up the closest one to you and bring a few friends.


The outfits above are even fall friendly! Just add a pair of tights and you’re set. Which look was your favorite?