Automation And Innovation: The Ways Tech Can Help You Take On The World

Posted June 14, 2019 by in Career

As we move further and further in time, we are constantly being blown away by the inventions that fellow human beings create. The world we live in now is almost alien-like compared to how things were just one-hundred years ago. If you would have told someone in the early 1900s that, in around one-hundred years’ time, the majority of people in the world would have a small and powerful supercomputer at their fingertips, they’d think you were crazy. But, alas, here we are: living in an age of constant technology breakthroughs.

Tech has been used for pretty much everything in life at this stage – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate! But something that it is super handy for, especially in this day and age, is our work. It makes our work days so much more convenient and speedy – the generations before us would be so jealous.

If you’re starting out in the technological world or you’ve always had an avid interest and are looking to begin a career here, then you ought to know that you have an awful lot of assistance around you already. There’s a piece of software or an app that can help you conquer almost any quest you have in front of you.

Let’s dive into it a little more, shall we?       

The Ways Tech Can Help You Take On The World //

Project Manager

First, we’ll talk about the way in which a certain task or project is dealt with. Usually, in work, you’ll have someone to oversee everything and to manage how the project is going. Nowadays we have certain apps and pieces of software, like Asana, that can lay it all out for us.

Things like these have a comfortable user interface so you can navigate smoothly and not run into too much confusion. It replaces the need for an overseer in personal life as well as work life, so you can keep yourself more organized in general.  

A Social Media Manager

Social media is a behemoth, these days – it has taken over a lot of people’s priorities. It has also become a massive part of the business world, too. Who’d have thought that platform in which people show themselves off would become such a game-changer in business? Instead of stressing over the way in which you should go about social media marketing, you can simply get platforms like Hootsuite that will manage all of your networks at one time and track your progress.   

Sales And Contracts

When it comes to the nitty-gritty and the finer details, you need to have something in place to make sure sales and deals get over the line smoothly and adequately. Writing up formal contracts can be a stubborn task, so having document automation software would be handy for you as you can then make templates and reuse them for whenever you gain a new deal. It saves a lot of unnecessary time, stress and effort.  

A Video Editor

If you’re looking to start up a, say, a YouTube channel or if you wish to create video content for your brand, then there are many little bits and pieces you can use to make the process simpler. If you’re not the most digitally sound or a great editor, then there are tools out there for you and different methods you can learn to help you glide through it.


The money side of things can be a bit of a difficult task if you’re not quite in tune with it all. That said, there are pieces of technology, apps and software out there that can simplify it all and help you through it.

Systems like QuickBooks can handle invoicing for you. You can also set up and send out automated reminders.

Web Design

Starting up a website can be quite a daunting idea when you’re not experienced. The thought of having your own hub to work with is exciting, but it’s just a case of getting it up, running, and looking pretty. Thankfully, there are simple and easily navigable site buildings that almost anyone can follow along with as well as smartphone apps that can help you organize everything.


If you need to get in touch with multiple clients or liaise with people in the field and you aren’t exactly available immediately, then there are thankfully a bunch of different systems that you can use to chat with.

Tools and services like Slack can be used for instant messaging, screen sharing and file sharing across all devices. It makes things very convenient for you if you’re looking to build relationships professionally.