Banana Milk—Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Strain

Posted April 29, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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The Banana Milk Strain is a hybrid weed with indica-prevailing genetics. It was created by Alein Labs, a medical cannabis company specializing in cultivating a range of healing strains that crossed the classic Banana OG and Purple Punch F2. As a result of its endeavor, one of the most delicious marijuana strains was introduced to the market. Eliciting the intense, fruity banana aroma, this cannabis stands out with its fruity lineage and gets many smokers hooked, keeping them coming back for more. 

Aside from its outstanding taste, this strain is also known for its mid-high THC content. Measured at around 18-22%, it produces a rather heavy high that results in whole-body relaxation and euphoria. When it comes to the CBD levels, they are low and vary from 0.4-0.6%. Other cannabinoids occurring in the Banana Milk Strain go as follows:

  • CBC 0.18-0.86%
  • CBG 0.08-0.98%
  • CBN 0.12-0.22%
  • THCV 0.23-0.6%

No matter how good its taste is, it’s worth noting that the Banana Milk Strain is not for complete newbies. It hits quite strong and may render inexperienced smokers disoriented and even couch-locked for some time. 

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Smell and Aroma

As was mentioned, this weed is remarkable for its delicious, fruity taste. Combining the notes of berries, grapes, and bananas, it reveals a fantastic bouquet of tastes that will caress all smokers’ taste buds. The smell of the strain is just as divine. On exhale, most users feel a mix of a sweet banana overtone, earthy hints, flowery accents, and spicy grapes that intensify its sweetness, making it one of the favorite strains of cannabis consumers. 

Terpene Profile

Nerolidol is the most abundant terpene in Banana Milk. It gives the strain a distinctively woody scent that reminds the one of the fresh bark. Second most abundant terpenes are carene and geraniol. Both these terpenes augment the sweet taste of the weed and bring the best out of its fragrance. Adding “personality” to the flavor profile is pinene (0.18%), which imparts a distinctively piney aroma, and Bisabolol (0.12%), which brings in a mixture of floral and herbal undertones with a hint of spice. The blend of these terpenes results in an alluring flavor that will please the senses of the pickiest crowd.

Reported Effects

The thing about this weed is that it works almost instantly. After taking just a few tokes, most people report feeling aroused, happy, and giggly, while those artificially inclined may also feel the urge to tackle some creative project. Followed by the effect of euphoria comes a relaxed state that brings with it the overall sense of calm. At this point, users obtain a feeling of inner peace and forget the negative thoughts that disturbed them during the day. Because of these effects, the Banana Milk strain is often used by medical users to treat anxiety, depression, chronic stress, fatigue, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. Also, due to its calming properties, it can be used to cure insomnia. 

That being said, keep in mind that smoking weed affects people differently, and it’s highly advised to consume it carefully in order to not trigger adverse reactions. In regard to Banana Milk, the most commonly experienced negative effects are as follows:

  • Paranoia
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety

Growing Tips

Not only is this marijuana known as one of the most delicious strains out there, but it’s also one of the easiest strains to grow, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. It has an average flowering time that may vary from 75 to 83 days and is ready to harvest in 89 days. Growing the seeds is possible both indoors and outdoors, but if you have the space and want a richer harvest, it’s best to grow it outside where the weed can produce up to 10-15 Oz of dried plant. 

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Bringing it to the end, the Banana Milk Strain is truly a unique marijuana strain with a sweet taste and divine fruity scent. The effects of it come quickly and last for quite a while without actually fading into couch lock. Smoking this weed promotes a good mood, happy sensation, and motivation energy with a touch of creativity as well as helps relax and unwind after a hard day at work. Besides, it helps feel at more ease in the company of other people. Just like most other strains, the Banana Milk Strain also offers medical benefits and is known to work in treating anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. The best thing is, it’s very easy to grow, so even beginners should be able to grow a good harvest without putting in an effort!

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