Bargain Ways to Refresh Your Closet

Posted August 23, 2020 by in Fashion

We’ve all been there: a full closet yet there is still nothing to wear. After time, clothes, shoes, and other accessories simply become dull and uninspiring, and it’s at this point when an entire wardrobe refresh is a good idea. 

Refreshing your closet is exciting; it offers a chance to reinvent yourself, update your look, and even add something new to your personality. However, the issue is, getting new clothes is expensive. You may be able to afford a new top and a pair of shoes, but to really breathe life into what you wear, you’ll need more than that. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can update your wardrobe on the cheap, utilizing simple fashion techniques as well as other methods. Here are some of the best ways you can get a bargain on new garments for your closet:

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Thrift Shops and Charity Stores

You have to give it to the older generation: although some of the stuff from years gone by are just plain ugly, there are still a lot of beautiful items that may be hiding in your local thrift store and may be available for a bargain price. 

Vintage clothing is incredibly fashionable and ethical, so much so that popular brands are imitating the styles of old. But wouldn’t it be better to get something authentic and usually for a cheaper price, too? 

It’s best to keep an open mind when visiting a thrift store, as you’ll almost never walk out with the item you’re looking for. Instead, allow yourself to be inspired by some of the crazy, colorful and wonderful clothing that will breathe life into your wardrobe. 

For the entrepreneurs among you, if you’re savvy with your clothing, you may also stumble across something that’s ludicrously under-priced and that can be turned into a good profit when selling online. Oh, speaking of the internet…

Internet Stores

You can buy anything online these days and that emphatically includes clothing. There are many great online platforms, such as Depop or Etsy — where you can find anything you’re after, usually being sold by either individuals or small business — which means buying this way not only helps yourself, but also others. 

Of course, the main drawback with ordering online is that you’re unable to try the stuff on until you own it, and there’s very little quality control. However, if you can navigate through that, there are bargains to be found online, especially if you buy used. 

The internet is also a great avenue to buy accessories to accent your wardrobe. Stuff like jewelry, handbags, and used apple watches can be found at seriously good prices; you just need to know where to look. 

Build Your Look on One Garment 

You don’t need to buy thirty different items of clothing when refreshing your closet, which is good to know as it would cost a small fortune. Instead, a good way to rejuvenate your look on the cheap is to get a few knockout items that can be built around. 

What’s even better is if you get items that can be mixed and matched with different looks. You can get the most wear out of a wardrobe that has synergy. So, you want to make sure most items go with a least three different things, allowing you to build unique looks and add distinct layers to outfits that have a huge potential to remain surprise and interesting for a long time. 

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How do you refresh your closet on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!