Be a Safe Driver: A Look at the Types of Distracted Driving

Posted November 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Each year, more than 38,000 Americans die in car accidents. Sadly, this number is minuscule compared to the number of injuries and non-injurious accidents each year on U.S. roadways. 

No driver is perfect and everyone is capable of making mistakes. However, a large number of accidents are more than avoidable. One of the leading causes of auto accidents are is the various types of distracted driving. 

However, it’s easier than you might think to become a distracted driver. Simply reaching to grab a jacket or a list of directions could be the thing that causes you to wreck. 

To prepare yourself for the road, you need to be aware of distractions. Keep reading for the most common examples of distracted driving.

Using Smartphones

While smartphones have greatly improved our quality of life, they’ve also drastically increased distracted driving incidents. We use our smartphones for everything from talking to friends to checking emails. The problem is that our phones take our eyes off the road and all it takes is one second for something bad to happen. 

If you struggle to keep your eyes off your phone or are constantly texting and driving, put it in the back seat to avoid temptation. 


While it may seem simple enough, eating while driving is one of the most dangerous types of distracted driving. If something falls out of your sandwich or you drop a chip, your first instinct will be to pick it up. This temporary lack of focus on the road can be disastrous. 


One of the hardest distractions to avoid while driving is slipping into a daydream or simply zoning out. We start thinking about our day or an attractive co-worker and before we know it, we’ve run into the back of the car in front of us.

Some people can’t even remember long chunks of time out of their drive because they spend the whole trip daydreaming. If you cause an accident because you’re not paying attention, get more information from to help you with your case.

Roadside Distractions

Distractions while driving also includes things in the street or on the side of the road. Though it’s tempting, try not to gaze at car accidents on the side of the road or people who’ve been pulled over.

Roadside distractions also include pedestrians, animals, scenery, and more.


An inherent risk of driving with other passengers is that they lead to one of the most common types of distracted driving. When you have friends, kids, or pets in the car with you, it’s easy to get distracted. 

Moreover, if you get into an accident that causes injuries, you may be held liable for medical bills not covered by the victim’s health insurance

Other Multi-Tasking

Finally, there are miscellaneous types of distracted driving that all fall under multi-tasking. This includes things like putting on makeup, brushing your hair, looking at yourself in the mirror, and so on. 

However, there are also things that take your eyes of the road and your hands off the wheel, like adjusting the music or reaching for an item somewhere else in the car. 

Be Safe – Avoid All Types of Distracted Driving

Ultimately, being safe on the road and avoiding the types of distracted driving comes down to implementing self-control. When you’re phone’s going off and you want to check your messages, ask yourself “Is this worth my life or the life of others?” The answer is a resounding no.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to be a safer driver or a more responsible adult, check out some of our other articles before you go. Our blog covers everything from business advice to finances and relationships.