Be Yourself…By Working For Yourself: Here’s How

Posted February 13, 2017 by in Career

Developing a way to work for yourself is becoming a major necessity in the world we live in. Jobs are seldom a full-time permanent contract and the jobs we fight tooth and nail for only end up being a 6 or a 12-month contract. This makes it likely that you will be back to square one in time for your next birthday, and so, people are looking to find ways to work for themselves. And why not? It beats rushing for the packed train every morning!

Working at home has its own unique charm, and the appeal of working in your pyjamas is too big to resist! And while a lot of work at home jobs require you to go back into education, there are a lot that you can do without the need for any qualifications, just the right attitude. 

Social Media Consultant

If you are a regular user of social media, which the vast majority of us are now, you can use your skills to help companies market themselves better. If you have a knack for how businesses can use social media more effectively, or find better ways to promote events, products, concepts, and ways to connect with a certain type of person, then this could be a choice of business for you to start in.

Multi-Level Marketing

The popularity of working for yourself means that you are able to dictate your own working hours. If you work better at night, then that’s fine, go and do it! The increase in multi-level marketing companies, like the business Jerky Direct, Arbonne, and Rodan + Fields, means that you can effectively work for yourself, but under an employee framework. It is a nice balance for those that don’t have the know-how to go working for themselves under their own business, but need the guidance of an employer to help you along.

You can learn more about MLM companies and if they are suitable for you by doing some research of your own.

Freelance Writer

Do you enjoy blogging? Do you want to make money from it? Many small marketing companies require the use of writers for promotional blogs and articles or even ghostwriting short stories. If you have been looking for a way to flex your pen muscle this could be a good route for you. There are plenty of freelancer websites where short term jobs are offered, and the more you do it, the better you will get and potentially get more contracts.


If you play an instrument, or you were a teacher once upon a time, helping students get a little bit of extra help for their exams, or teaching people how to play a musical instrument is a market that always needs people. You can have people come to your home or you can go to them, whatever is easier. And as you get more clients, the business can very easily snowball. If you play your cards right, this can develop into a full-time career.

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