Beauty Hacks For Busy Women

Posted July 27, 2021 by in Beauty

You may be proud of your ability to multitask, but when it comes to beauty and skincare, things tend to go down the spiral if you’re a busy woman with goals. If that sounds like you, well, this one may help you out. Give this a quick read and discover some simple and actionable tips and tricks to take your skincare and beauty regulars up a notch without spending minutes (which feel like hours)!

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Lay Out Your Jewellery the Night Before 

One of the best ways to prepare for your next day, whether it be at work or at home, is to lay out all of your clothing the night before as well as the jewellery you want to pair with it. We all know how easy it is to forget to wear jewellery and it means missing out on a style element of our outfit each day.

By laying out your nose ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings the night before you can vamp up your outfit and feel confident. 

Coconut Oil to the Rescue

From working as a makeup remover to doubling up as a moisturizer- coconut oil does a lot. In fact, it is one of the favorites of natural living enthusiasts, and is used for everything from oil pulling to coconut oil detox. Simply massage your skin (on the face and/or the body) with pure coconut oil every night before sleeping for soft, hydrated and visibly brighter skin.

If you use coconut oil on your hair every day for a week, you can also gain the added benefit of softer, and healthier hair! 

Tape Helps!

Still having trouble getting the winged liner right? Use clear tape or an old card and hold it in the slant position under your eyes and use it as a guide- quick and no mess at all!

Click here for a tutorial from PopSugar.

Peppermint Oil for the Plump

How about a natural oil that gives your lips that extra oomph factor? Massaging some peppermint oil onto your lips can help boost circulation and give it an instant plump feel; not to mention it’ll also keep your lips hydrated and supple.

Pretty Feet Things

Your feet take the maximum impact, and are probably the least cared for when it comes to your beauty and skincare routines (if you follow one that is!). If you don’t have the time to treat yourself to an occasional pedicure, make sure you apply some moisturizing lotion or cream and wear socks before you go off to bed.

Create a Quick Halo Eye 

A halo eye is a fun way to decorate your eyes and many people think it is daunting and much more complex than it really is. To create a cute halo eye this week, all you need to do is apply a dark shade on your inner and outer corners, a bright shade in the middle, and optionally a little glitter on top.

This should take no longer than 5-10 minutes and it will leave you with a stunning eye look that will impress everyone you meet. 

Brighten Your Eyes with Ice

Have you got somewhere to be and you have dark bags under your eyes? Don’t fret! With a simple trick you can quickly brighten your eyes and be ready to put on your makeup in no time. Take a couple of ice cubes and hold them under your eyes for a couple of minutes. The sharp cold will plump up the skin and your blood vessels will recede, leaving you with a lighter and brighter under-eye to enjoy in no time.

This trick also works to quickly reduce redness and swelling from pimples. 

Grow Lashes with Oil 

If you are always searching for your eyelashes and you feel as if they are non-existent – we have a simple trick for you. After a shower, apply a small amount of argan oil to your lashes and massage this in for a minute or so. The oil will help to thicken your lashes, and the massaging motion will stimulate blood flow and this will help to promote growth. The other alternative is to use eyelash extension supplies.

Banana Peel Teeth Whitening

If you have recently been feeling a little insecure about your teeth, we have a helpful solution for you this year. Use a banana peel to whiten your teeth by rubbing it on your teeth for 5 minutes before leaving it for a further 10. Rinse off and repeat every day.

Banana is full of potassium which will strengthen your teeth, and banana has chemicals within it that will naturally whiten your teeth. 

Quick Scrub + Tan Removal

Scrubbing and exfoliation occasionally can help remove tan, visibly brighten the skin and improve circulation and overall skin health too. A simple mixture of honey, lemon juice and baking soda, used as a face scrub weekly or biweekly can work wonders!

Instant Skin Soother

Forget those fancy creams and lotions and go old school with plain aloe vera gel straight from the leaf for everything from breakouts and acne to skin irritation and sunburns. Aloe vera gel hydrates and soothes the skin, making it soft and supple.

Tea Tree Acne Treatment 

Tea tree oil not only smells like a minty fresh dream, but it is also an antibacterial and useful for a number of skincare applications. One great way to use tea tree oil is to mix 10 drops with 500ml of almond oil, and apply this to your skin after a shower to moisturise as well as kill bacteria that causes acne.

This simple and super quick hack will leave your skin clear and smelling great every day! 

Sugar Those Lips 

Make your own lip scrub by mixing sugar and olive oil into a paste. Rub in gentle circular motions on your lips for 1 minute, rinse off, and apply a lip balm or mask to keep those lips plump and thick. 

Implementing these quick and easy beauty and skincare hacks can work wonders and keep you looking your best even when you’re in the midst of a super busy week.

*Photos by Sam Lion