Being A Full-time Content Creator—is it Worth It in 2021?

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Career

Let’s admit it. The global medical emergency has kept us inside our homes for more than a year now. So, what seems to catch your attention lately?

That’s right, Contents [or TikTok to be more specific]! With the world moving at a slow pace, contents are now the only way to reach our future goals.

With the growing popularity of social media, anyone could go viral in minutes! 

With a few scrolls on social media, you can come across tons of success stories like this. And that might inspire you to put your creative self, a camera, and a keyboard into the blend, and join the creator’s club right away 

You’re kind of right. But before you go, there are some boxes to check, and risks to assess. 

And that’s what this article is meant to do for you. Keep reading.

Why Content Creation In 2021 Is Game-Changing?

In case, you’re wondering if content creation is worth the shot then yes. Absolutely! 2021 has more opportunities than any other year. All you need to do is open a door and start doing what you’re truly passionate about. 

Without further ado, let us take a look at the reasons why 2021 is your big shot-

Literally, Everything Is Online Now

The global pandemic has forced us to remain inside our homes. But that couldn’t stop us. Thanks to the internet, the world was still running. From classes to corporations, everything went online. Which is the perfect opportunity for digital content creation.

Now that everyone’s using the internet, contents have the chance of reaching more people than ever. So, it’s the best opportunity for content creators.

Opportunity Of User Experience Marketing For Content Creators

Nowadays, marketing is all about the user experience. Which is basically the general public opinion of a service/product. So, brands/agencies value a content creator more than any other promoting media. 

That’s because the creators are bringing genuine content to their audience. And they share the real experience as a customer. That’s why brands/firms are preferring content creators in 2021. 

Completely #WorkFromHome

With the global pandemic and lockdown in different cities, working from home has become a convenient option. And that’s one of the best things about being a content creator. Not only are you close to a family, but you can also have your own schedule.

Become Your Own Boss

Another perk of being a content creator is that there are no rules. And you could be your own boss. This means you can explore your interests and creations any way you want. 

When you lead your own venture, the quality of the content improves. And you’ll be able to track your own growth and strategize the business plan yourself. 

Also, a lot of the companies have laid off employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re one of them, don’t worry.  Moreover, even if you’re a fresh graduate looking for your perfect job, this is your chance to create something that you were passionate about. 

On-Going Creative Revolution Of Contents

With the invention of every new social media app, the content-creating game is ever-changing. What with TikTok or Youtube, the creation of content is on the constant move. The adaptation of the changes in creative perspective is what 2021 is looking for in content creators. 

So, if you want to create trending content, you better get started before 2021 is over. 

Now you see why content creating in 2021 is worth the shot? You’ll have more chances to stand out among a crowd of the existing and traditional creators.

5 Tips to Master Content Creating Skill

Like Kim Kardashian has once told- “Information is key.” 

So if you want to be in the content-creating business, you need to be resourceful and ahead of time. Whether you are a writer, influencer, Youtuber,  or photographer, the proper resources will take you to the next level.

Apart from that, there are some other major skills that’ll change your life as a creator. Such as-

  • Try and learn about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Make sure you’ve researched every fact of your content.
  • Invest in yourself and your contents
  • Build the strongest portfolio for self-promotion
  • Market yourself in the most unique way

Now, using these little tips and tricks you’ll be able to win 2021 as a content creator.

Challenges of Being A Full-time Content Creator

Apart from all the perks and liberties, there are a few bumps that you can stumble upon as a content creator. Just to keep an eye on ‘em, here’s a list- 

  • It comes with a plethora of creative challenges. You got to keep stretching your limits. 
  • Often, you’ll be clogged with blocks while your creative juice will just stop flowing. 
  • It’s not only about the ‘creation’ itself. Marketing, a.k.a. Building an audience can be really challenging.
  • To monetize the eyeballs you’ll receive is another challenge itself, as long as you’re taking it as a full-time career. 

We can list down dozens of other hiccups, but keeping an eye on these four will get you started.  

So, Should You Go for It or Not?

Alright, it’s the moment of truth now. Should you really go for being a full-time content creator in 2021? Or it’s just a hype that you can let go. 

First thing first, not every great creator can be great entrepreneurs. And being an entrepreneur would come up with marketing, managing, and tons of other challenges. If you think you can crack those, go for it! 

On the flip side, if all that inspired you is the glamorous, shiny parts of the ‘creator’s life”, take a break. It’s just the tip of the iceberg you’re daydreaming about. Justify and cross-check the to-do’s, make sure you’ve got the skills in your sleeve, and then go for it. 

Otherwise, maybe this is not a go-to for you. 

Signing Off

We hope you were able to get an idea about content creation in 2021. Standing out in an industry is never easy. Especially now that the internet is saturated with lots of similar content. 

But if you’re passionate enough, you’ll be able to grow your venture to new heights.

So you tell me. Is being a content creator worth it? Or are you going to miss out on this opportunity?