Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Program

Posted October 16, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
men's rehab

It is difficult enough to find the courage to be sober while also being honest about your experiences and choices. Another hurdle is finding a safe place to discuss your situation.

It is difficult enough to find the courage to be sober while also being honest about your experiences and choices. Another hurdle is finding a safe place to discuss your situation.

 Men’s Recovery Centers 

Many addiction recovery centers offer specialized treatment for addicts. Their treatment and recovery procedures typically involve:

  • Counseling
  • Medication
  • Withdrawal symptom treatment
  • Long-term follow-up for co-occurring mental disorders

Getting over an addiction is complex and requires determination to succeed. But, achieving the following goals of addiction treatment is always worth it:

  • Stopping drug abuse
  • Living a drug-free lifestyle
  • Reconnecting with family, work, and society

Many factors influence someone’s desire to overcome drug addiction. They also encounter social distractions and relapses and need to find a support network to encourage them.

It’s challenging to find addiction treatment tailored for different sets of people with different family histories, past traumas, or biological issues. An all-male addiction treatment program can help address these differences.

 Men’s Recovery Centers: The Benefits 

Male addicts use drugs differently from female addicts. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that men and women show significant biological and cultural differences in engaging with drug addiction.

According to Haven House Recovery, a center for addiction recovery in Nashville, most all-male addiction treatment centers are sensitive to these differences and how they affect recovery. They understand that not all addiction treatment plans are the same, and they offer the following benefits for those who want to live sober and rebuild their lives:

 1. Treatments Focused On Men’s Needs 

Because men and women experience addiction differently, they each have different needs in recovery. Separate treatments for men and women may help reduce social stigma and keep men focused on their recovery.

The male-specific program considers cultural stereotypes and roles in addiction treatment. The fear of judgment and being perceived as weak deter many men from seeking any help for their addiction. Other recovery obstacles that gender-specific programs eliminate include:

  • Jealousy
  • Confusion
  • Judgment
  • Sexual tension
  • Distractions general

These programs address men’s particular psychological, emotional, or social needs.

 2. Discussion on Gender-specific Issues 

Both men and women have different issues that can lead to substance abuse. Male addicts are more likely to use drugs due to perceived benefits like mental and social gain.

Gender-specific issues can cause women and men to react differently to a treatment. However, their different drug encounters are important and require specific treatments for long-term sobriety even after leaving addiction recovery centers.

Men and women both have their own issues, which can be challenging for each to understand. A men’s addiction recovery center can help eliminate any confusion and arguments that may arise when women and men meet to discuss sensitive topics.

 3.  No Distractions

Distractions arise when recovering men are near women, particularly in the early stages of recovery. Sometimes, having both men and women in the same recovery room can lead to mental, emotional, or physical sexual tension.

An all-male addiction recovery program allows men to feel more comfortable talking to one another because they don’t have to worry about different social dynamics.

 4. A Comfortable Place To Express Emotions 

People of the same gender tend to feel more at ease. Male addicts will be more inclined to participate in sessions and express their emotions if they feel connected to others.

Recognizing that others are open to hearing their stories, men who have been through recovery can feel more vulnerable and truthful about sharing their stories. Even though men are often not misunderstood in mixed groups, having a male-only treatment environment can help them to feel empowered and give them the strength to continue their treatment.

 5.  Brotherhood

Many men treated for drug addictions will leave their treatment when they feel excluded. This makes a support system crucial to long-term sobriety.

Spending time talking with people who have similar experiences can lead to lifelong friendships. These positive social groups also particularly help and enrich younger men.

This “brotherhood” helps young male addicts recover from drug addiction in male rehab homes, giving them the strength and push they need to get better.

 Key Takeaway 

Recovering from an addiction is difficult, especially when you fear judgment and confusion. Sometimes, going to mixed recovery facilities may make it more challenging. If you want to focus on your treatment, it’s best to try a men’s rehab center.

Most all-men rehab centers know how one’s sex affects drug use and treatment. They offer treatments focused on men’s needs and keep you away from distractions. They allow for more freedom in discussing gender-specific issues and are comfortable places to express emotions and tell stories. Lastly, they offer brotherhood, which helps male addicts in recovery feel they are welcome and not alone. It can also lead to lifelong bonds and lasting sobriety.