Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer – It is a Worthwhile Career?

Posted August 4, 2019 by in Career
benefits of being a personal trainer

A personal trainer provides guidance and motivation to their clients. This might be as an employee in a gym or working as an independent personal trainer with a collection of clients on the roster who are keen to get fitter or slimmer, or both. 

To understand whether this is a positive career choice, let’s look at what some of the benefits there are as a personal trainer:

You’re an Educator

As a personal trainer, you’re not only guiding or motivating a client or gym club member – you’re an educator. 

Most people don’t have a clear idea of how their body functions best. The do’s and don’ts of exercise is no different. Without proper guidance, they’re likely to injure themselves. This would cause considerable pain and side-line their exercise and fitness goals for weeks or months. 

Some clients are afraid to lift weights – especially women – believing it will bulk them up. If they don’t want that kind of look, they worry that’s the outcome they’ll get. In fact, that’s not true at all. Most weight training sculpts and tones the body while adding strength and a little muscle mass. The huge muscles seen on fitness models and action movie actors come from a very specific diet and long hours in the gym every day.

Dispelling these kinds of myths through educating clients better opens the doors for better results.

Build a Fitness Brand

Being a personal trainer is enjoyable but building a brand around yourself is even better. 

Many fitness trainers build a website to provide fitness information that they agree with. They can recommend products they’ve personally used and supplements that actually work. This is in stark contrast to many other fitness-oriented sites written by people with little interest in the topic. 

Creating video training courses for people who don’t live nearby is an excellent way to sell to a broader audience and help other men and women interested in fitness. It’s also possible to publish a podcast to make your fitness brand globally relevant like American personal trainers, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, do. 

Put Your Expertise to Great Use

When you’ve taken a physical training course(s) like those provided at this PT Training company in Birmingham, there won’t be much you cannot do. Their training programs include access to numerous types of exercise equipment, free weights and set areas of exercising. Classroom facilities are set up to provide a distraction-free environment for study and trying out what’s being taught. 

Once qualified, you’re in an excellent position to help clients to make the best use of any piece of gym equipment from the elliptical to the rowing machine to the free weights. Having trained on much of the same equipment recently, the latest features won’t confuse you. And your confidence with the fitness equipment will translate into clients feeling assured about your overall expertise too.

No 9-5 If You Don’t Want It

When working an office job, you’re stuck doing a 9-5 most times. There may be some flexibility in your hours, but usually not much. 

As a fitness trainer for a club, there are usually shifts where sometimes you cover the morning and afternoons and other times the afternoons and evenings. The weekends will be different again. This provides some variety and makes it possible to work around other commitments like picking up the kids from school or having other clients on the side. 

As a private personal trainer, you may have some clients who prefer a daytime or lunchtime booking, but many will want an evening or weekend appointment. Therefore, if you’re a late riser or just don’t like the standard 9-5 because it puts your feet to sleep, then you can have greater flexibility. 

See the Physical & Strength Improvements

To teach clients how to use the equipment and take them through their paces, it feels good. Their progress and confidence in the gym are noticeable with each new appointment to train with you. 

Over the weeks and months, seeing their physical progress through some slimming down and not getting winded any longer when running on the treadmill is great to see. Their physical strength changes are also visible and show progress is being made there too. 

With an improving body, clients often see a boost to their personal confidence too. This can help in their job or with dating to appear more confident in themselves, which is attractive to others. After all, the benefits are not only physical ones. 

Free Gym Pass

Gym owners understand that personal trainers bring their clients with them. As the client often wishes to go to their local gym, they’re encouraged to do so with their trainer in tow. Without a personal trainer, they might not get enough motivation to make the trip and eventually cancel their gym membership. 

The relationship between independent personal trainers and the gym is simpatico. Because of this, usually, a free gym membership (or at least discounted) is provided to the trainers. This makes sense for both parties. It also provides a place for the trainer to work out too. By doing so, they get more used to the gym’s floor plan, what equipment is easiest to use, and the least busy times of the day at that gym. These are all useful things to do know. 

As a personal trainer, it provides you direct access to people who are more motivated than most to lose weight or stay fit at their current size. Rather than dealing with the typical new January gym member who signs up swearing to get back in shape after the Christmas holiday season only to quit after attending after a couple of gym sessions, people who work with a personal trainer are far more committed. Even if they use the trainer appointment to push themselves, it works effectively for them. Seeing the results that clients achieve with correct training and leadership is very rewarding for motivated trainers who want the best outcome for everyone they train. Indeed, the client’s journey in many respects becomes part of the trainer’s journey too.