Best Bomber Jackets for Men: Find Out Your Best Match

Posted December 31, 2021 by in Fashion

Some outfits never get out of fashion, like a bomber jacket—a classic that is now very much back in style. These jackets are elegant collections that not only will enhance your style but also will keep you comfortable and warm. 

But finding out the best option may not be very easy for everyone. This list has been made for those who constantly have trouble finding the best bomber jacket that suits their style. Here you will find your desired bomber jackets that you’ll likely want to wear year round:

Companies That Make The Best Bomber Jackets For Men

The history of the bomber jacket is as old as the jacket itself. Alpha Industries has been making these jackets for men since World War II for the US air force, but as the generation’s demand started to change, they brought many changes in the jacket. But still, if you see the products of other brands, you will find it the best among all.

These jackets of this company are special because they are close enough to the real bomber jacket. They are comfortable and the most important, water-resistant. As a result, you can ever wear them during the wet winter. Their jackets come in black, blue and green, which gives them a classy gesture. 

Besides the Alpha industry, some more companies are almost giving a tough competition to the Alpha. Now let’s look at the top five companies that manufacture almost equal quality bomber jackets. 

  1. Tom Ford is known for the best designer bomber jacket. Their bomber jackets are famous for their unique innovation with clothing and style. Instead of nylon or leather, they have used oh-so-supple black suede to make the jacket. Most of their jackets come in black color.
  2. Sandbank is famous for best value bomber jackets. Among all the other bomb jackets, you will find these banded jackets much budget-friendly and also stylish and comfortable. Most of its jackets are below $35 but still, they look great. Also, these jackets are made of polyester, which ensures your jacket gets durability. Most of them come in red, blue and black.
  1. Jacket Maker is popular for the best leather bomber jackets. Instead of costly leathers, the manufacturers used affordable but better-quality real sheepskin leather with a semi-aniline finish so it gets a similar look, comfort and lasts for long. Most of them come in black, brown and navy blue. 
  1. Mladen Garment is well known for the best versatile bomber jackets. These jackets are always classy and admirable. But they are something more; they are light, windproof and super durable.Also, some of their linings are wrinkle-resistant, so no matter how you wear them, they will always look charming. Moreover,they come in different combinations and colors with eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. They are very much famous in elastane fabric,athletescan stretch, run, jump, and more withoutworry.
  2. Robert Graham is renowned for its best midseason bomber jackets. These jackets are made that way so it always makes you feel comfortable especially in the autumn. These bombers come in black only. 

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Bomber Jacket

While you are about to buy a bomber jacket, some facts you should keep in mind that will help you to get the best one:

  • Material

Genuine bomber jackets come in costly leather, but nowadays, there are some jackets come in different materials. Holding the same feeling, manufacturers are recreating the item. So don’t forget to check the materials before you buy your favorite bomber jacket. 

  • Comfort

Not every material is capable of providing the best comfort as the latest bomber jackets are made of different combinations, so it becomes a must to check the comfort level. 

  • Brand

Every product belongs to a specific brand, and while you are about to buy something special, you should always check these facts first. Bombers jackets are a special kind of jacket that needs to be made in a specific way. They are famous for the outlook, which matches the original bomber jacket which US air force used to wear. Only a few brands can recreate the image mixing the modern style. So, check these facts before you buy the one.