Best DIY Picture Hanging Ideas for Portrait Photos

Posted October 12, 2020 by in Decor
gallery wall

Photos of loved ones create a feeling of happiness when you enter your home. It’s a perfect way to keep memories alive when your family lives far away, or individuals have passed.

The first recorded portrait is from about 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Years after, we see plenty of them from Europe with paintings of the rich and royal. Then with the invention of photography, portraits became even more popular. 

People from all parts of the world and periods have always had a fascination with holding on to images of those they love and want to remember. Nowadays, we all have smartphones and can snap a photo whenever we want.

Regardless, there are many unique ways to display portrait photos in your home, and we’re going to give you our best DIY tips to use:

gallery wall in living room

Photo to Art 

As mentioned above, before the technology for photography, people painted pictures. The digital world has taken over our lives; however, there’s something special about an authentic hand-painted piece of art. 

You can transform your favorite photos into 100% hand-made portrait paintings from a master portrait artist in oil, watercolor, charcoal, or other mediums.

This will instantly become the focal point to your wall and make your image stand out. 

Canvas Photo Prints 

If you’d like to stay with a more modern look, purchasing a canvas print of your favorite portrait is a perfect idea. The image is printed on canvas and then wrapped around a wood structure, so you don’t need a frame. 

They’re affordable and come in many sizes. You can change the image with the seasons or when you snap a new shot. 

Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall is very trendy nowadays and can be fun to create. You likely have more than one portrait you’d like to hang up on your wall, so why should you only choose one or two?

A gallery wall is a mismatch of items with all different shapes and sizes that all work together. In addition to the portraits, you can add items, like the letter of your family’s last name. You can put tickets, notes, or other things in a shadow box. 

Whatever you decide to hang, make sure it’s meaningful to those in your family’s pictures. 

Use Polaroid Photos 

After the height of the digital age, people are starting to appreciate old ways of doing things, which includes taking photographs. Polaroid cameras and photos are becoming very trendy and capture beautiful memories. 

These images can’t be retouched, edited, or recreated. It’s a moment in time that’ll appear just as it was. You can take photos at your next get together, and you’ll have portraits of the people you love. 

You can buy frames that are designed for Polaroid photos to display. Make an accent wall with these little treasures to remember the memories forever. 

Hundreds and thousands of years ago, we appreciated being surrounded by images of our loved ones. From simple Egyptian paintings to digital photography, we’ve come a long way with creating these pictures. 

Today, there are many unique ways to display the portrait photos of your loved ones. You can commission a custom painting, purchase a canvas print, create a gallery wall, or use a Polaroid camera to capture the images. Whichever way you decide to highlight your pictures, you’ll feel the love in all of your rooms with these ideas.