Best Ideas for Thank You Gifts

Posted October 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When someone puts your needs ahead of their own and does something good for you, you won’t get off with an ordinary thank you card: you need to come up with something special! Such situations make people search for personalized gifts that will express their gratitude better than a thousand words!

And it doesn’t matter if you need to find a special gift for your brother that agreed to take you to the airport at rush hour at the last minute before the flight, or a colleague who agreed to take over your shift  when you were sick: you can always find a special present that will tell: “Thank you! You are the best”.

It can be anything: starting with a bunch of beautiful touching Thank You Mylar balloons like these  and ending at a giant portrait of a person made out of Lego!

We have selected for you the best Thank You gift ideas that will help you hit the bull’s eye!

Thank You Balloons

The simplest and, at the same time, the most pleasant way to express your gratitude is to make a person happy with the help of a bunch of quality Thank You balloons. It’s your chance to literally shower him with all colors of the rainbow!

Modern Thank You balloons are available in a wide variety of shapes, and the choice of inscriptions, sizes, and fonts are simply amazing!

Premium Personalized Bathrobe

Did you know that men also love warmth and comfort? Another thing they love is all sorts of personalized things! So if you want to present something that meets both of these criteria and keep him warm on cold days, then opt for a good high-quality bathrobe with his name printed on it!

A Portrait Made of Lego

Such a mosaic will prove that you did your best! The only thing you will need is a high-quality photo of a person and a person that will be able to assemble the portrait (many gift stores hire such tinkers).  

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

This device was invented especially for those people who find it hard to get up early in the morning!  This magical alarm clock wakes you up and makes you jump out of bed, smelling the strong aroma of your favorite morning drink!

Personalized Gift Book

Nowadays, when everyone reads Twitter from the phone screen, classic paper books (especially good ones!) are back in fashion and make a great gift. Don’t forget to drop by your nearest printing center and print the person’s name on the cover!

Quality Key Box or Key Case Wallet

Today, you can easily find unique pieces of key boxes or key cases in both ultra-modern and vintage styles. This is a nice gift for both men and women if they constantly carry a lot of keys with them or keep forgetting where they put their keys!

Choosing a key box, opt for pieces made from wood, metal, glass, or natural stone; as for key cases, genuine leather is always a perfect choice!

Set of Meat Delicacies

Some people don’t go nuts for sweets, but they just love meat! So, add some new tastes to their life, giving them a game meat box!

The packaging, typically designed in a brutal style, contains products made from natural exotic meat. Sausages from maral, badger and elk, bear chorizo, deer basturma, beaver meat… A person you want to thank will never forget such a gift!

“SmartMat” Yoga Mat

Video tutorials are a thing of the past: today’s yoga rugs are so smart that they will tell you how to do the asanas correctly!

The mat is equipped with a variety of sensors that connect to the app on your smartphone. They are very sensitive to the pressure of the body on the mat and are able to monitor your body’s balance. The mat transmits all data from its sensors to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

Thanks to sensors and an advanced smartphone app, the SmartMat helps you do your exercises correctly and master personalized yoga poses that are perfect for your body. 

*Photos by Monstera