Best Summer Outfits for 2022

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Shorts, Breezy dresses, and tank tops should be substituted by any remaining cold-weather essentials when the temperature rises. But as we all know, summer wardrobes don’t just consist of classic pieces. What else should we wear this season to combat the heat? What are the best fashion trends for summer 2022, and which ones best suit our individual tastes?

Summer 2022 is sure to be a busy one, full of beach trips, brunches, and obviously weddings, with social events back in full force. Naturally, you’ll want to prepare and prime your closet with going-out attire appropriate for every occasion and sprinkling in some of the season’s biggest trends will give your ensemble a little extra something.

Our inspiration for these summer fashion trends came from Kariella in Ojai, CA which is a modern bohemian style boutique frequented by celebrities. 

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Vibrant Summer Dresses

When you think of summer outfit ideas, a summer dress is one item of clothing that comes to mind. It is a classic style that is timeless. In the warmer months, it is an item that can go all season long. You can add on some strappy sandals and you’re ready to go.

Lightweight fabrics are the best when you go for this style of attire and really make the summer a time to make your creative side shine. Throw on some fun prints and let yourself enjoy the season with a dress that can go all season long.


Denim is a material that works in any season, but with denim shorts, there’s only one season for them. Put on a couple of nice t-shirts, maybe a tank top and a pair of sneakers, and that’s an outfit that is iconic and stylish.

A t-shirt with denim shorts is just something which works. It’s a few tricks like these which really elevate your summer outfit ideas. Maybe tie a knot in the t-shirt as well, with this outfit you’ll be bringing the heat while killing the warm weather.

You can always go for Bermuda shorts or jeans if pure shorts aren’t for you. Make sure you’re dressed in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Your style is the right style.

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Maxi Dress

We talked about regular dresses already but a Maxi dress just brings its own specific flavor we had to discuss in its own section. It is essential for your summer wardrobe. It brings just the right amount of flair with an eye for comfort.

If you live in a place that gets a lot of sunlight, it protects your skin from the summer sun while being made of breathable fabrics. Interesting textures make it a go-to for many to wear during these months.

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Colorful Accessories

We all know how important accessories are to your summer outfit ideas. In 2022, you cannot go without them. A cute belt, maybe some pearl earrings or other kinds of statement earrings. Its important to accessorize to really make the most of your summer look. An accessory can sometimes tell more stories than your other articles of clothing.

Your summer outfits need to have personality. You’re wearing shorts and a bra top, but a really cool necklace is what attracts attention. Your outfit isn’t complete without colorful accessories and that’s why they are an outfit idea on their own.

Button down shirt

A button down is a really classic look for the summer. A button down shirt with some really good cotton pants can send a strong message. You are confident and can set your own style. Cotton is a really breathable material, cotton pants will really make your look stand out. You could even match the shirt with linen pants.

It’s a good look for any party and can go with any footwear. Want to wear flat sandals, go for it. It’s a no-brainer for staying cool and is a simple outfit, yet an effective outfit.

A bikini

How can you talk about the summer without bringing up a bikini? Whether you go for a full bikini or a bikini top, it remains a summer staple for a reason. You can go for simple, bold colors or for prints.

They work either way and are great for the beach or a beach party. It is on most products featured on websites and magazines. Whether it be labor day or independence day. The bikini is a staple. Don’t be afraid to dress in a style which suits you and be ready to wow the crowd. Confidence is key to pulling off any outfit and it is especially true for this one.


In recent years skirts have had a resurgence. In 2022 they’re as hot as they’ve ever been. To beat the hot weather, skirts are becoming quite popular. They pair with most items really well. They pair with sneakers, they pair with heels. Wearing with sandals is also a classic look. You can look chic and stylish by adding a cotton shirt as well.

Your skirt is only limited by your creativity. You can really nail your summer look with a good skirt and heels. It’s incredibly casual and can even go well with a well-executed knit dress. Even if you’re a bit green when it comes to fashion, this is an outfit idea you can really nail.

Whether you’re wearing a slip dress, something off the shoulder or bright colors, this list has some ideas and concepts which will really take your summer outfit game to the next level.

Summer outfits are some of the most creative clothing styles out there. So don’t limit your summer outfits, and, instead, use this list to really inspire your outfits and really master the trends.

Whether it’s lightweight knits or tank tops, the goal is to put across your true self. So this summer don’t be afraid, instead, be bold and dress your best.

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