Best Techniques To Get Healthy, Strong Hair

Posted June 17, 2021 by in Beauty

Take one look in any magazine or on social media and you will find celebrities with fantastic-looking, healthy hair. In many cases, the look is a necessary part of their role but it also serves as a reminder regarding the importance of looking your best at all times. 

Of course, celebrities have stylists to help them look fantastic and maintain their healthy strong hair. You don’t have that luxury. But considering science has shown that great hair improves your confidence levels, you owe it to yourself to have great-looking, healthy, and strong hair. 

Fortunately, it is easier than you think.

Choose The Right Products

Your hair is mainly water and protein. In order to get healthy hair, you need to maintain the levels of these compounds within your hair. The best way to do this is to choose natural products, such as those in the Kerastase collection.

These products use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. As harsh chemicals can strip the protection and hydration from your hair, you can see why something as simple as choosing the right shampoos and conditioners makes a big difference.

Food  & Drink

As mentioned, hair is mainly protein and water. You can actually help it to stay healthy by ensuring you consume enough protein and drink enough water every day. It is another simple step that, once you create a habit, you can do without thinking. Of course, hair does require several other nutrients, eating a balanced diet will help to ensure it has everything it needs to look healthy, strong, and gorgeous. 

It can be beneficial to assess your vitamin intake as well. If you aren’t getting enough through your diet then you should consider taking vitamin supplements. 

Avoid Heat

Heat styling products are commonly used to create the perfect hairstyle. However, heat damages the protective coating on your hair and can dehydrate it. This causes it to be brittle and more prone to split ends. 

While you may need your heat styling tools to get your hair looking just right, it is a good idea to give your hair one or two days off a week.

In addition, using a heat protection spray before using the product and turning them down as low as possible will also help. 

Scalp Massages

In order to get nutrients into your hair, they need to be present at your hair. That means in the scalp. A great way to encourage blood flow to your scalp and bring nutrients to it is to massage your scalp regularly.

This will increase availability and ensure your hair has everything it needs to stay healthy and looking great.

Use A Mask

You can buy deep conditioning masks or you can make your own with egg yolks. Simply apply them to your hair and leave for thirty minutes. This will add protein and other nutrients to your hair, improving its health. It is almost free to do and gives surprisingly good results.