Best Tips on How to Make a Girl Laugh

Posted August 10, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The ability to set a girl laughing is a great way to win her heart over. If the lady laughs and smiles, it means she really enjoys spending time with you! But if you’re not sure how to make your chosen one laugh, don’t bother, there are tons of ways to do this!

Pick Your Style of Humorous Stories

Please note that the hilarious jokes you tell shouldn’t be overly feigned, it’s a good idea to keep in mind a few good stories that you can tell a girl in a suitable situation. Stick to generalized light and fun topics and try to avoid blunt and intimate subjects unless you know the girl very well. Remember that the fact that your friends consider a joke to be really funny does not mean that your girlfriend will treat it the same way!

Come up With Your Own Manner of Joking by Turning to Your Strong Points

Think over what you say or do that regularly makes your friends (especially women) laugh. If you are good at physical jokes, turn to them. If you are a master at imitation and mimicry, try to unleash this talent. In case you are adept at dropping sharp statements in conversations, try voicing a couple of them in front of a girl you like. Just assure yourself they are fun, not malevolent!

If you are not sure which style of humor is closer to you, ask your best friend for advice.

Practice Laughing at Yourself

Don’t humiliate yourself too much, but remember that some purposeful jokes about yourself can make a girl laugh. Rely on your past experience or hone skills on laughing at yourself at the right time. For example, in case you founder on something while walking with a girl, you might say, “Well, this is a downfall of all my hopes to become a catwalk model!” Thus, you will cheer the girl up and show that you don’t mind laughing at yourself and take it completely calmly.

However, don’t rely heavily on this strategy, as it may seem strange, and will stop being funny after some time. Although occasional timeous jokes about yourself will be of great value. This tip can be very useful to you even if you are involved in dating online!

Make Humorous Comments Concerning Past Situations and Conversations With a Girl

You can start with such a simple phrase as: “Do you remember when we first met …” – after which you should recall a funny incident which happened to both of you. Or you can make a comical comment on what the girl told you earlier. Most likely, she will not only laugh but also be pleased with the fact that you remember such details.

Learn to Pick the Right Moment For a Joke

When it comes to humor, timing is very important! This is especially true for the humor that affects the current situation. Let’s say, if one of you has just turned over a glass of a drink in a cafe, it’s time for a funny joke that will cheer you up. However, be careful if a girl is very upset about something happening in her life. In this case, the joke may be inappropriate.

Try to Understand What Exactly Seems Funny to a Girl, and Act in That Direction

All women are different in their sense of humor, so try to accommodate to the personality of each particular lady to make her laugh. Ask her simple questions to gather useful information on her taste and preferences in humor. For example, you can ask about her favorite comedians, comedy films, or TV shows. If she mentions a certain TV series, try to use a similar style of humor. What is more, watch or discuss the show together to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere on your date.

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