Best Tips to Install Ridge Cap on Metal Roofs

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Most roofs need a ridge cap, and researching metal ridge cap installation will give you a better guide. However, installing the ridge cap is not an easy task, and getting this wrong will affect the effectiveness of the entire roof as well as the metal roof price

A ridge cap is a small building material installed at the meeting point of these roofs. Failure to install a ridge cap will lead to water and snow leaking into the roof and ceiling. A roof ridge also gives the top a good finishing and provides a tight seal. Having this done correctly will also allow you to install a roof vent.

The many types and designs of roof ridges available for Metal Roofing in Lubbock depend on your choice and preference. The roof slope’s architectural authenticity and energy efficiency are some factors to consider when buying a ridge cap. 

Benefits of Installing a Ridge Cap on Metal Roofing 

There are different designs of roofs, and they come with varying designs of installation. Most shelters have two sloppy sides, except flat roofs. The sloppy sides meet at the center or on the sides, and covering the meeting prevents water and ice leakage. 

A ridge cap covers the space on the roofs’ meeting points, which also ensures the correct temperatures of the house remain. As a result, this reduces the work of the HVAC system, saving a lot on energy, hence energy efficiency. 

The roof ridge helps to maintain the house’s structure. It blocks rainwater and snow from entering the house, which affects some structures like wooden roofs. Wood will suck in water and rot, reducing its lifespan. 

Rainwater entering the house through the roof could also cause weakening on the walls. Cement gets too cold and becomes a favorable environment of mildew. Mold causes allergic problems to homeowners. 

Ridge caps seal the roof entirely to ensure insects and small animals do not enter the home. This is essential because these animals enter into the HVAC system and reduce its efficiency. They can also bite and spread diseases to children. 

How to Install Ridge Cap on Metal Roofs

The ridge cap installation happens the last on roof installation because the caps close the ridgelines. Getting an installer to do the work ensures your roof will function properly. You will need these tools to complete the process. 

  • Tape measure
  • Metal snips
  • Pop rivet gun
  • Circular saw
  • Chalk line
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Pencil 

You first need to prepare for the installation of the ridge cap. Not all roofs are square, and not all meet at the center. Some ridgelines are at the middle and others at the sides. All in all, these ridgelines occur where the two metal sheets meet. 

You should ensure that the metal sheet lies at the center. Leaving any side to go further on one side of the sheet than the other reduces the roof’s aesthetics. Ensure you leave a 2-inches gap between the roofing sheets to prevent this from happening. 

Steps for Installing Ridge Cap on Metal Roof

Now, let’s dive into the steps to follow when installing a ridge cap on a metal roof.

  1. Place the ridge cap on the ridgeline and see how it fits. Mark the lower edges of the caps. Mark the other of the ridge if the ridge is 15inches to 20 inches.
  1. Remove the ridge cap and make a chalk line between the marks. You will have two chalk marks from the two sides of the ridge. 
  1. Place the closure strips along the ridge. You should use the entire length of the ridge, and you should do it on both sides of the roof. Ensure the closure is ¼ inches towards the peak. 
  1. To properly place the closure strips, these steps will guide you;
  2. Put a sealant tape on the ridge, 1 inch above the chalk line. Remove any backing paper on top of the sealant tape. Run the strip on the other side too.
  1. Install the closure strips and interlock them at the ends. Force them down on the sealant tape. 
  1. Put another sealant tape on the closure strips, leaving the paper backing in place. 

Pro Tip: There are different methods of installing closures. Ensure you read your manufacturer’s instructions to know the procedure you should use.

  1. Install the first piece of the ridge cap. Start with the side where you installed the first panel. You can place the cap flush with the end of the ridge or overhang, depending on your roof type.
  1. Center the ridge cap on top of the ridge, and don’t allow it to touch the sealant tape. Press the ridge cap downwards on the closures to ensure there is good contact. 
  1. Place screws on every roof panel rib to hold the ridge into place. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  1. Put the rest of the ridge cap lapping the first, and follow steps 5 and 6 to ensure it sits nicely on the roof. 
  1. Repeat the process on all pieces until the ridgeline is closed. Cut the excess of the ridge cap. 

What to Consider When Buying a Metal Ridge Cap

There are different types and designs of metal ridge caps, and choosing the best can be challenging. However, these tips will help you with your shopping. 


Roof ridges have different prices. Working with a budget ensures you narrow down the options. First, know what you want in a roof and roof ridge cap and the styles available. Next, check the market for the price ranges and then check which ones you can afford. 


Different states have different rules on the type of building materials. So, checking the laws of your municipality first helps you choose the recommended material and the proper paint finishing. 

Hire the Right Installer

Having your roof ridge caps installed poorly can reduce its effectiveness. Instead, hire an experienced contractor with the right skills. Check essential documents like their license to show that they are eligible to operate. 

Ridge caps play a vital role in homes, so they are essential to install. You should check and replace broken ridge caps, to reduce the adverse effects of having inefficient ridge caps. Most importantly, hire a roofer that offers the best metal roof ridge cap installation. 

*Photo by Saj Shafique